Why Bollywood can never make a Bahubali


If it is a Holiday, you are sure to see two-three Big movies releasing, as there exits over competitiveness in Bollywood. Due to which none out of two-three movies can gain whole benefits.


For a mega franchise like Bahubali, it would minimum take 4-5 years, and to be in shape and in character actors would have to stop themselves from doing other projects and just focus on one thing at a time. But this would not happen in case of Bollywood Stars.


You wont get to see, SRK & Aamir in a single frame and a franchise like Bahubali would need a lot of stars. Well this also plays an important role to why Bollywood can never make a Bahubali.



To make a movie franchise like Bahubali, having stars, good director means it would nearly need a budget of 500 + crores and ‘no’ bollywood would not spend so much money on one movie franchise.


Not Much Screen Time to Supporting cast!

yes! bollywood always does this with the supporting cast and Bahubali would have never became what it is today without Kaatapa. So now you get why bollywood can never make a Bahubali, if you have any more reasons on this,


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