Things Women Observe About You In Bed That You Probably Didn’t Realize

Women have observation skills. I mean this in the most intense way possible. She may never admit to that thing she saw you sneakily do that no one else saw, or that habit that you have which you probably didn’t know about yourself. But, she knows. She always knows things which don’t really need a reason to be validated. And while having sex, sure, we’re all caught up in the moment enjoying whatever it is that you’re doing to us, eyes half open, half closed, somewhere between oblivion and sensation.

But, we’re also subconsciously making a note of the things you do to and with us while in bed. You might not even realize it; it’s like a sixth sense we have. Even I can’t explain it. And, just to give you a gist of it all, here are some of the things we observe about you while having sex.

1. The Shape Of Your Body


The way your muscles tighten and relax under her touch; the way your chest leads to your stomach to your pelvis to your thighs to the shape and firmness of your derriere. If we close our eyes, we can still feel every smooth, rough, bruised, burned, scarred and dimpled bend and edge on your body.

2. The Way You Breathe

The sound, the pace, that tiny little change in the way you breathe when you enter, or when you’re kissed or if she does something completely mind blowing with her fingers. We can tell by the way you breathe, whether or not you’re in the moment, in us, in your head, or in way over it.

3. The Way Your Tongue Feels

The thing with tongues is that they taste different for every person and they feel just as different. Some are coarse; some are not so coarse and some are strangely smooth (it’s a little weird but, never mind that). We notice these things. We also notice the way your tongue moves inside—the girth, the pace, the pressure, the style—every bloody thing. We notice the way your tongue responds to us and the way it takes the lead. We could fall in love with just your tongue… no kidding there.

4. The Way Your Fingers Work

As well as the nimbleness of them, the shape and length, the gaps between them, whether or not she likes how you run them over her skin, the way they caress every bend and break on her body, the way the nails are shaped and whether or not they dig into our skin and whether or not you’re moving them the right way.


5. The Weight Of Your Body

And quite frankly, the heavier you feel on top of her, the more she loves it. It gives her the feeling that you can pin her down just with the weight of your body. She likes that in that moment, she’s so vulnerable just because of the weight you put on her. It strangely makes her feel lighter than ever, like the weight of everything and anything else doesn’t matter in that moment. She likes that you’re strong and well-built and that she can lay it all on you while you lay it all on her. Pun absolutely intended.

6. The Way You Taste

Umm not just that way! Also the way your skin, your lips, your tongue, your tears (it happens, don’t cringe) and everything else that’s yours tastes. It’s like an instinctive thing for us to memorise the way you smell and taste—in the best way possible. It could be a musky, yet salty taste; or it could be masked by this freshness depending on how recently you took a shower, or sprayed a scent on your body. She takes it all in through her nose, her taste buds, her olfactory sense and her brain.

7.  The Way You Sound

Not just when you moan, but when you talk between gasping for breath, when you whisper softly either because you want to stay silent or because the moment requires for you to talk just enough for her to listen; the way you sound when you’re stifling the moan and when you’re responding to something she says but are actually focused more on the way she makes you feel. The way you sound when you’re smiling and we can sense it.

8. The Way You Look

By look, I mean the way you look at her while you’re in the heat of the moment, the intensity of it, the solidarity of it, the emotion and the gravity of the way you look at her—she notices all of it. But, also the way you look, when you look at her. She notices it enough to subconsciously register it in her brain and be reminded of it every now and then when no one is looking, or when her eyes are closed.

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