Things Guys Should Never Do In Bed, According To Women

We always have lot of expectations when it comes to the bed. But when it comes to the actual action don’t let your brains run loose. Be practical and keep things real in your mind.

Here are some things to keep in mind while getting down there on bed and also dirty.

Never Ever Nail Her

If your hands are going down there, they need to be really clean and completely trimmed. Guys please don’t ignore it as it can be a major turn off.

Don’t Be in Hurry

Going slow and indulging in a lot of foreplay really works in favor of both and sets the mood. Don’t be Tom, Dick and Hurry!

Be Good at Your Task so You Don’t Have to Ask

Don’t commit the mistake of asking her,  “Have you cum?” It wouldn’t speed up the process but rather than that it will slow it down.

Relax, its not like Drilling

All the guys should keep in mind that the area is  sensitive. So you need to handle things with care. It’s more about the technique than just randomly rubbing. Go slow and figure out what your girl likes.

Make Her Moan If You Want to Get Blown

Expecting the girl to go down on you but cringing about returning the favour is wrong on so many levels. Suck it up (she sure did!) and take your time while you’re at it.



If not Ready, Avoid Anal

If you don’t have knowledge about it then you definitely need to think. Anal always need some preparation. It cannot happen in the moment, especially if you both haven’t talked about it before.

Protection Is Better Than Cure

Surely without a condom you will feel great but then think is it worth the risk.

Don’t expect An Hairless experience When You Have a Bunch of Hair There

Don’t expect your girl to be completely and perfectly hairless. At-least  not when you can’t shave your private parts.

If She Says No, Don’t Force

Every guy should understand that forcing a girl into this is not at all pleasurable. You should understand that No means NO!

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