Odd Habits Of Bollywood Actors Which Will Definitely Surprise You

We all have a little weird kid inside us. And no matter how larger-than-life the celebrities seem to be, they are no different. Even they have some habits that will surprise you.

Here are some Bollywood celebrities and their weird habits which might just make you feel less weird about yours.

Kareena Kapoor

Bebo has a habit of chewing her nails, so much so that she isn’t able to control it and often puts her finger in mouth.

Sunny Leone

Sunny has a habit of cleaning her feet every 15 minutes. She does it even between her shots causing a delay in shoots. But she doesn’t believe in fixing this fixation. She is at ease with this habit of hers!

Salman Khan

He is quite a freak about collecting soaps. The actor is so crazy of this habit, that he has a unique collection of soaps from around the world.

Sushmita Sen

As weird as it might sound, but Sush is fond of snakes. So much, that she even has a python as a pet in her home! Adding to her weird habit, Sushmita even likes to have a bath on her open terrace where she has apparently placed her bath tub.

Amitabh Bachchan

Big B wears two wristwatches! He does this when his son and/or daughter-in-law are travelling out of country, to know what time zone they are in.

Preity Zinta

Preity likes a clean bathroom and she makes sure she checks the washroom before zeroing down on a hotel room. She is one woman who takes hygiene seriously.

John Abraham

This handsome hunk has a habit of constantly shaking his legs, not for dance of course! His family and friends often get annoyed with this.

Saif Ali Khan

‘Nawab’ as he is, ‘nawabi’ are his habits. He always wants his bathroom to be equipped with a library and phone line extensions.


Rani Mukherjee

This Bengali beauty is a chain-smoker. She’s so addicted to smoking that she needs a cigarette in her hand as soon as she opens her eyes in the morning!

Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushmann Khurrana has a fixation with super clean teeth and carries his dental kit wherever he goes. So, that is the secret to his adorable smile.

Shah Rukh Khan

SRK, LOVES jeans! And his love mad him own fifteen hundred pairs of jeans. Yep, you heard that right 15000 pairs!


His habit is kinda gross. We all know eating papaya is good for digestion but  Jeetu Ji took it to another level. He eats his bowl of papaya while pooping!

Sanjay Dutt

He’s controlled his alcohol addiction but his tobacco addiction seems to have taken a toll on him. He cannot let go off it. Ironically, he was even spotted consuming tobacco at a cancer awareness event!

Shahid Kapoor

He is a caffeine addict and just cannot let go of his coffee. His coffee intake of a day amounts up to 10 cups.

Ameesha Patel

She is totally obsessed with the color pink. Most part of her house is done in pink. Even her wardrobe flaunts her favorite color!

Feels great to know that I am not just the weird one.

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