EMOTIONS : Move ON by Rahul Marar (Team Word Bite)

Move ON

Move on….move on

Don’t stop just move on

Don’t worry about what you have lost

Destinations themselves will come to find you out

Dream again, wish again…move on.

Those who have left, let them go

Don’t look back, move on …

Whatever you have lost,leave them behind

Don’t think about it,move on….

Decorate your life with new dreams..

Do something you love,

Go, do with intensity

Just now the new morning of feelings has arrived

The soothing breeze of this heart says

live again……live again

It’s hard sometimes to move on

It’s even hard to say GOODBYE

The old memories will still be there.


The footprints you will leave behind

will make you think about your old memories.

But you must walk forward

so as to build new memories.

You must try again and succeed

so as to forget past failures.

someone will meet you on your way

and may change the course of your journey

And who knows that person will stay in your heart

in your journey, building the dreams you dreamed.

just now a new tune has spread on my lips..

the rendering of this heart says


live again…..live every moment.

MOVE ON……for a new dream…..

By Rahul Marar (Team Word Bite)