EMOTIONS: The Story of my ‘Des’ by Dheeraj Sharma (Team Word Bite)

My India

The Story of my ‘Des’
Where peace overcame wounds of violence; where festivals are made to maintain life’s balance; where sacred grooves are made at worship place; Such is the story of my ‘Des’.

Where fragrance of relations is louder than hatred; where flower of forgiveness is given as a reward of betrayed; where natives hold your hand when life is in a wrong phase; Such is the story of my ‘Des’.
Where colours of life are brightened by traditions; where the fragrance of mud grows into addiction; where the narrow gallis have their own grace; such is the story of my ’Des’.
Where the ancient arts have their own origin; where river, the mother wash away your sins; where people and culture are greeted with smiling faces; Such is the story of my ‘Des’.
Where there are more religions than months in a year; and more languages than weeks in a year; still same anthem is sung and same flag is saluted by the people from different race; such is the story of my ‘Des’.
I am a young INDIAN, who is from a city; who lives in a city; breathes in a city; still my COUNTRY, my MAA, calls me towards her, to tell her story in million ways; such is the relation between me and my Des.