EMOTIONS: Burning Desires by Rahul Marar



   Burning Desires by Rahul Marar


Courtesy: Google Images

Courtesy: Google Images


Sometimes I think what do I want?

What is that dream, that burning desire?


Sometimes I do think why life shows us dreams,

telling us to follow it.


Sometimes I think how our life can speak

many complex things in a simple manner.


Sighs, fear, happiness,
Among all these,
where am I? What are my dreams?


Life shows us lot of things ;

it takes us to unknown destinations;

In our quest in following our dreams;

In search of our burning desires.



Sometimes I think about what I want?

Thinking about the destination I have to reach.


Life says there is a desire in our dreams;

Listen to that dream…

Listen to your heart…


Walk with your dreams with zeal;

fulfill your desires with a feel

Walk with care;

Come out with your share.


Yes, I can feel now

what am I searching for?

What life is showing?

It is here, it is here.

What I am searching for

is there inside my heart.


This is that dream for sure;

this is that desire which will cure.


I don’t care if I fail;

I don’t care if people don’t hail.

I have one thing

better than everything else.

It is hope;

it is that burning desire

that will cheer me always and forever.