WordBite was started as a book blog, which later turned into an Entertainment Website. While we were working on WordBite we realize the problems faced by normal people, who want to share their views. The problems were like Technical knowledge, SEO, Marketing skills just to make sure that their views will be read by people. So we created a complete new platform in which anyone can share anything they want to share without worrying about anything else. While our major mission is ‘Freedom of Expression for Everyone’ we also help other to achieve their goals through our various services, like Technical, Marketing, Operations, Publishing and many more to know in detail about it please go through the ‘Services page’ and thanks for joining our mission.


WordBite is INDIA’s First & Only Mobile Blogging & Expression Sharing Platform.

WordBite App will be refining and changing the way books are written and read, a combination of ePublishing, eLibrary and sale in a nutshell which will be divided into three sections; Explore, Premium and Sale.