Respect men

It's difficult to understand why man's sacrifice didn't appreciated yet, Just because of misdeeds of some of them, Then i can gurantee that anyone in the world could not take responsibility for his whole gender, Why people can't understand bad person is a bad person it has nothing to do with man or woman, Whenever it is about woman's right men always come forward, Either it is about jyotibaphule who support his wife savitribaiphule , Or Dr.BR Ambedkar who resigned from his post just because Hindu code bill not passed which contains some basic rights of woman, Raja bhoj and William bentik who removes the 'sati pratha' If we talk about the recent things than also we have example of Arunachalam Muruganantham who has understand woman's problems like no one else can understand, There are many more sets of good examples which you can see around you who have done good works for woman in their way, So see good around you, Respect Everyone , respect men for their good deads

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