Don't Grow up Stuart,its a Mousetrap!

What makes a child so happy? A child is someone who can be happy about everything in their life. Isn't it? Give a clod of clay and she would dirty her hand but make her self happy with all that dirt. Give him a pen to write and he would open all its parts and inked himself all over. They prefer to play in the wilderness ,than inside the cosiness of comfortable rooms. They sing because they want to sing , they dance because they like to dance...there's no compulsion to do anything . They can any moment change their mind, take a broomstick ,play moping the floor and can even drop it off the second moment...tie a string to a dragonfly and track its flight. They can poke someone with their pencil and burst into countless giggles ,they can pinch someone on the arm and pretend to look the other way. They can dial any number and then disconnect the call. They can enjoy every moment of their life ,no matter how huge or how tiny are their actions...they can be happy just by themselves . They can make a TajMahal out of cardboard ,put two knobbly looking plastic dolls inside and believe they are indeed Shah Jahan and Mumtaz . They can create lizards out of dough and scare their friends with it. They can build cloud castles and live their for eternity. For them there are no happy moments but in each moment their is happiness. Can't we learn from the little hearts the art of living more in the present?

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