Are you struggling to shed away some unhealthy habits? Are you depressed because you feel you just can not achieve it? Are you someone who makes new resolutions every month but can never stick to it? Are you the one who knows what is good for them but can not help doing the bad? Ladies and are not alone. Many of us have gone through the same cycle until we finally did it . It could be anything that you want to change...unhealthy habits , smoking or excessive drinking to watching violent shows online , rash driving to cracking inappropriate jokes . It could be consuming too much oil or not drinking water enough. It could be anything very small or something very huge. Unless you stop identifying yourself with these habits you can not get rid of them. Because consciously you know they are not healthy for your mental , emotional , physical , psychological and spiritual wellbeing but your subconscious beliefs about them are different. Your subconscious minds treat these beliefs as a part of yourself ,that part of yourself which you enjoy doing. Guilt is not enough to do away with these stubborn beliefs . All you need is self discipline . Rome was not built in one day. If you consider yourself worthy and capable of all the good in the world...then you need that much patience ,perseverance ,persistence and consistence of willpower to finally turn tables . Have faith in yourself ...whisper to yourself ..."I can do it!" .Start with less. Take small steps unless you make it big. If you reduce your addiction even by 5 percent a six months or a year you might be totally addiction free ! Just imagine the big smile on your face! And remember ,no moral judgement and guilt shaming is needed. Be strict with yourself but never rude. Love yourself enough where you will stop yourself for the sake of yourself. The best way to terminate bad habits is to replace them with good habits. Why dont you go to the gym and try some pilates? If thats not your cup of tea...then why dont you go to the terrace early morning and do Pranayama ? Why dont you learn from YouTube how to bake a cake ? Why dont you cook tasty foods with healthier ingredients ? Why dont you journal your own thoughts ? Why dont you get rid of the dust of your Harmonium or Mouth Organ and start all over again? Why dont you learn Korean or French? Why dont you pet some orphan dogs and street cats? Why dont you offer free tuitions to poor children? Ladies and gentlemen if you have free time for your would have free time for all the best things of life. Do not remain stuck in a rut... Just be a new You! Lets first change ourselves so we might one day change the world! High hopes. Fingers Crossed Wish you all worlds luck

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