disabled people
Suppose if we all are disabled person? Then we can easily understand the problems faced by them and how strong they are as when something bad or good happen in our life we are easily able to relate to it. God keep providing them strength to cater the situation. People who are not having eyes can't see the things but can feel it with hands by touching. If they want can easily make the god happy as they are disabled can create a positive impact on the society. By doing things in the same way as a normal person by not lossing calmness, patience's and forgetting about the things they don't have and respecting the things they have the beautiful nature god had given and many more things.If they keep one step forward god help them to put four steps further. By motivating and building confidence in them. I think these people are more stronger and powerful then people like us they have capability to face any situation in life as they have experience how to react and handle it. I think god is taking test of them to make them a better and successful person. Different people have different weaknesses but God has gifted one precious strength to everyone whether it's good singing,dancing,music etc. But it's us who needs to find it out. They can be disabled by birth and after coming in life due to accidents. It's depend on the time and wish of god. God can give anything to anyone so, god had also right to take away. I think these people are physically handicapped but mentally strong and vice-a-vise. Everyone is strong by any one senses out of five. But there is need to make balance between weekness and strong thing as when combined together form unquieness. If there are bad people good also exited who cares about others every person can't be same it depends from person to person perspection. But if god can accept the whole universe as the way it is can't we? If god can't differetiate between rich and poor why we do so who have given as right? At least we can think of benefit of the society and others by doing small contribution to their life . This provide us  peace and satisfaction of the day. Giving anything without wanting or thinking of result always hear a fruitful result. Everyone has it's importance in there life and they have different thinking process of doing it. Each person has it's own uniqueness. If a person want can change the world.....

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