Some Texts & Kisses (#1)


Vivek POV

"Yeeeww are a Psychopaaaath" I burst out at my friend Vincent. I feel my anger scattering off of my eyes and ears, but He rolled his eyes and brushed off my statement.

"Drive me to the theater, I want to see this hot ass right now," he hurried me out of my bed in the mid-summer afternoon.

The heat radiating in the atmosphere was burning my bike seat and it burnt off my ass when I hurled over it. My palms escaped as I wore gloves before touching handle. I rolled my eyes and kick-started my Harley Davidson, which dad was bought for me as a token of his Love.

I was beyond pissed off at Vincent behavior. He is again screwing a girl from his college. Why he often change girls he used to date with, was a big question to me

Vincent and I were sharing a room for a year already. We were from different colleges. He was pursuing his graduation in mechanical engineering and I chose computers.

I'm not really interested in short swings. I do short swings, but they confined to nightstands. I am not a player. But I am seriously waiting for the girl who sweeps me off my feet and makes me beg for her grace.

"Let's go, Man, Blondie's are coming soon. I'm going to buy our tickets " Vincent shouted in my ears hurrying before I halt the bike in the easiest parking spot. I don't know what possessed him to excite him this much. Vincent is 5.9 tall dark guys with a lean body which was quite opposite to my muscular.

I am delighted, but not to meet his hot ass girl. But to see his face when she kicks his ass, for the heavens he dragged me out of my bed.

As we step inside the luxury Arkenstone theater screen, I felt the air-conditioning soothed my body after the irritating long bike ride. So we stumped our bodies into seats while commercials cover the screen.

The movie was started to run a little while after overlapping with tick...tick... tick sounds. I turned my head from the screen in irritation and surveyed to find the source of this sounds. Vincent was typing faster earning disturbing noise. I snatched his phone from his hand and texted behalf of him.

He snatched it again from me and started looking at I typed with a serious determination on his face.

Me: I wanna c u, come out

Blondie: o noo...I'm with my friend can't

Me: den y the hell u asked me to cum to theater . don't piss me off

Blondie: k k soon

His eyes sparkled with happiness, but took my hand and dragged me out with him.  Oh, what I had done...

At the lounge, a dark obese girl was standing by the time we stepped in. I was amused by seeing Vincent's facial expression. His brows drew together, his jaw dropped, his entire body stiffened. I want to laugh so hard, but I shut my lips into a straight line, to not insult anyone.

"Are you the girl Aparna told about??" Vincent asked her with a scared expression on his face. Now he gets his ass kicked, my inner self is already dancing with joy in revenge for letting him tagging with him

"What do you want?" she barked upon his face like a wolf dog at a thief. The Girl's eyes are burning with anger, she is breathing very hard as her nostrils and chest flaring up and down. She gnashed her teeth one last time and turned towards the staircase, disappeared by downstairs...

The color drained away from Vincent's face. Like - he drank petrol and shampoo together...

"Man was this is the girl to whom I spent talking a whole day??" Now I'm not able to contend my laugh and burst into tears. After a heart full laugh, I looked at Vincent, he was disappointed beyond words.

"Come man let's go into the theater" I cooled him by patting on shoulder compressing my laugh. But Vincents eyes were still determined over the phone. Optimistic nature

"Call her, and Ask her for yourself" I gave him a suggestion. I walked a few feet distance away from him get to create some space in between for privacy. I light a smoke and started enjoying it. As soon as I finished my last puff, Vincent returned from his call with his expression dulled.

"What again?" I asked him,

"The girl said, instead of her, she sent her friend, to look at me, and she rejected me saying, I'm good for nothing"

"What the fuck is happening" my surroundings turned red. For the first, I was dragged out from my bed, on a mid-summer afternoon because of her. Second, she sent her friend, to check on him. Third, she took my friend for granted.

She must apologize to my friend for all her mistakes. And, I make her do it.


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