Some Texts & Kisses (Intro)


A Beautiful yet Thunderous emotion, which nurtures and destroys at the same time. 

Have been written by hundreds of authors, in a thousand different variations, with million more emotions at every time. Still, Love has different yet unsurfed ends to look at, reach at, and tasted.

This is another small attempt to unveil a parallel world.

Join in the journey of Vivek and Sherry, to explore the roller coaster emotions of Love and Lust.



After numerous calls, and felt like an infinity has run in between, I started thinking I have to answer him.. at last, I gave up in the war I'm having with myself, and answered him.

"you can't do that to me, tell me why do you want to leave sherry?" he spoke with bitterness in his voice.

"I am going to becoming others..tell me one reason why do you still want to talk to me?" I asked him, I knew he wants me only as a friend..I'm nothing more to him.. My heart tangled into an unexplainable knot and I can't act anymore like his friend. I can't behave like I don't have feelings for him.

"Oh! really it's alright, Search another girlfriend for me" he answered with venom spitting in his voice.

"I thought u loved me" words stopped in my throat and instead of words, fat tears rolled down to my cheeks.

"Oh, Ok..fine. Don't call me anymore. "

I disconnected the call with broken and ripped Heart. I'm not good enough for him. If he thinks I'm good for him, he asks me to come to him. Now I'm ready to face my life and accept 'he doesn't love me. He wants me only as a friend'


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I'm Sudha of Sudha's rants.

This is my attempt to make my dream of a writer in reality.

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