Book Review: LOVESTRUCK by Prasupta Roy

Author: Prasupta Roy
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 
Language: English
Publishing Date: 13 June 2018
ASIN: B07D195X58

Kaatyaani works as an English teacher in a school. She enjoys her job as she finds it both challenging and rewarding. She dreams of excelling in this field and getting some recognition in her life. But, life takes a different turn when she marries Hemant. She now has only one wish-to become a mother. For, she thinks a baby will fill the void in her life. But fate has different plans!

Amidst the turmoil when life seems meaningless she meets Siddharth, a tall and handsome man in his mid-thirties. In him, she finds her ideal man, her soul mate. They come closer, fall in love and wish to spend life with each other. But Kaatyaani won-â„¢t leave Hemant. For, she thinks he will be shattered if she forsakes him.

Fate plays a game again when Hemant gets transferred to Bangalore. Her heart craves for Siddharth while her mind demands fidelity. In this tussle, between her heart and mind who will win-the heart or the mind?

My Take

Starting from the cover of the book is picture of a book with paperclips pinned. Cover is simple but can be better. The tittle of the book 'Love Struck' is apt according to the cover and it's gives the hint to reader's it's going to be a love story. 

To love and to be loved back is so wonderful

This is the story of  protagonist Kaatyaani.  Kaatyaani was an English teacher dreams to shine in her field ans getting some recognition in her life but the destiny had some other plan she got married with Hemant. She resigns the job because Hemant doesn't like it.  and now all wanted to be a mother. Kaatyaani is married to Hemant for six years now but they are unhappy as they cannot have a child. However Hemant refuses to get himself tested for infertility. Meanwhile she met Siddharth through Facebook site . Sharing her distress with Siddharth she feels pleasing and falls in love. To find out what happened next in Kaatyaani life read the book.

The book is bag of emotions, dreams, career, family, friends, freedom, happiness, joy, Indian family, broken heart, childless, human, scarifies, marriage, infertility, pregnancy and unwanted relationships

Language of the book is lucid and written in a simple way to comprehend for any kind of reader. The narration is simple and engaging.The characters in the story are commendable, but a more strength would have added more weight to the plot. The story is written fast paced and predictable sometimes. I did not liked the climax and Hemant back story felt in complete. I wouldn-™t say it would be the same when you finish reading it. A few typographical errors here and there need to be rectified.

An engaging read you can take this upon an lazy afternoon for a light read.

Overall Ratings 3/5 Stars

About the Author

Prasupta Roy had worked as an English teacher in schools before she quit her job four years back to pursue her dream of writing a book. Many of her short stories, articles and poems have been published in magazines, newspapers and online. She is a contemporary romance writer. "Lovestruck" is her debut novel.

She lives with her husband and daughter in Chennai.

Her goals in life are simple-to raise her daughter into a happy, healthy productive adult and keep writing books.

You can stalk her @ Facebook| Twitter|Instagram

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