Book Review - "I Shall Always Love You" - Author : Shilpa Jain!

Author: Shilpa Jain

Rating: 4 / 5

If you have been a fan of fantasy movies like the recent blockbuster, Bahubali then this book is for you. The author Shilpa Jain draws attention quickly by taking her readers into another world where she speaks and links the story to rebirths and reincarnations.  Belonging to a royal family, Shiv son of Mr. Sanyal, a business tycoon sets in search of his true love when he meets Nysa in one of the parties hosted by his father. While his father Mr. Sanyal has a desire to get Shiv and his business partner's daughter Saloni to be married, Shiv gets bowled over by the charm of Nysa and starts looking out for her.  While Arjun, Shiv's best friend takes care of the business and other things at Sanyal's house Shiv, leads a happy life spending time with women and paintings. Arjun loves Saloni but Saloni has a soft-corner towards Shiv and she slowly develops feelings towards Arjun. The story takes a sudden twist when one of the Shiv's paintings resembles the one in the Khajuraho temples and a strange dream where he finds himself as Rudra. He gets guidance from Deviji, his father's Guru. After which, he sets off to find the mystery behind his birth and tries to seek his love. He slowly realizes that his friend Arjun was his friend Abhay then and Saloni happens to be Pallavi, Abhay's wife.  The story then revolves around a run-away bride Pallavi who falls in love with Shiv and the lovers get separated.  While all these things happen, there is someone who is constantly in the seek of treasure from one of the temples and Mr. Sanyal gets kidnapped and Shiv starts getting mysterious calls from the kidnapper. When all these things happen Shiv is in constant search of Nysa who also gets kidnapped.  The story becomes quite nailbiting when Shiv and the others start to chase the kidnapper to sort things out about his past and present. Well, with all these things happening, would Shiv be able to find out his true love and also fight the kidnapper and get his father released from the clutches of this villain? Well, who is the villain? The author has maintained quite a gripping story until the end but the book is a quick read. It is quite appealing to see an attempt made towards the story that is woven around a concept of rebirth. One best thing about the book is that every character has a linking to the past and this bit excited me quite a bit about the book. The author has done her homework quite a bit to get the story in place. Overall rating for the book - I would love to rate this book a 4 and a one-time read.  The language is also quite good, however, the cover page needs a rework.

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