Face The Review: Sanju

After a long time a movie has released where you would get to see that theater is full of people. I am unsure it is just Rajkumar Hirani's magical movies, or Ranbir Kapoor's acting, or is it because of the man called Sanjay Dutt that so many people want to  see the movie as soon as they can. This Movie is going to be biggest grossing movie of this year for sure.

As the first shot starts you see the real life of Sanjay Dutt played on screen, by none other than Ranbir Kapoor but i am sure even for a moment you wont be able to tell that it not Sanjay Dutt but it is Ranbir who is acting. He is going to win all the awards this season of Best Actor, as he has raised the bar so high.

The story of the movie is not just a story, it is story of father and son, it is about friendship, bollywood and most importantly relations. Raju Sir has captured the magical story in a way that you fall in love with you. There are moments when you are going to have tears, then there are moments when you are going to have smiles, but there are none moments where are would feel that you are getting bored. 

I would specially like to mention Anushka Sharma's acting she may have a small but an role where she leaves her mark. 

Words are less to express how

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