Interview with Sunil Yadav Author of Words Unexpressed

Today we will be interviewing Sunil Yadav who is a motivational author. He has recently written a great poetry book named "Words Unexpressed"

So lets see what this author has to say about his book.

Team Wordbite:   Hello Sunil! Hope you are doing great. Can you tell us something about your book? 

Sunil Yadav: "Words Unexpressed" is about the hidden emotions and feelings which were poured out in the form of poems. Its about the life journey from innocent childhood to Broken heart, from hope to harsh reality of the world. It speaks about the dreams fulfilled and which are yet to be accomplished. Its about admiring someone in different shades and proposing someone on the valentines day.

This book is suitable for all age group and is expressed in a very simple way.


TWB: How do you manage to take out time to write in your busy schedule?

SY: Its all about priorities. If you love doing something you will definitely take out some time for it. I always utilize traveling time for writing and of course the best time to write is night.


TWB:  Why did you choose to write a book on Poetry?

SY: I was always fascinated by poems. I liked the way emotions flow, how it appreciates beauty etc. Poems in itself are complete stories with few words and that attracts me a lot.


TWB:   What difficulties you faced while writing this book?

SY: Lots of patience is required to do anything and writing books tests your patience.  I always face difficulty in finishing the poem. The finishing lines is what troubles me a lot.


TWB:  How writing happened to you?

SY: I always wanted to write from the start but whatsoever reason it never clicked. But luckily from last 5-6 years my job profile has forced me to do correspondences with different agencies and which in turn gave me a good experience on writing. And this is how I gave it a try to my hidden passion.


TWB:  Where do you see yourself in next five years?

SY: I write only to express my feelings. Number of books and years doesnt play any role in it. I just want to write good books so that people can appreciate my work.

TWB:  Any book you wished you had written? Why?

SY: Every book has something unique/special about it, So I love every book I read. I admire all the writer as they put their best efforts in writing. I wish I could be the author of all the books.


TWB:  How will you take if someone did not like your work?

SY: Criticism inspires me to write better. It shows the area of development. It is like instructions to do something in a better way.


TWB:  What should your readers expect from you next?

SY: I have written many quotes, so a book compiled with the thoughts will be my next book. Though I am writing my first story book too.


TWB:  Any advice for budding writers?

SY: Dont wait for perfect day or time. Just write whatever you feel and whenever you get time. Dont bother about how it looks or sounds. Pouring thoughts are important and trust me it gives inner peace.


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