Few Things Will Always Remain Unsaid

Yes! the headline which you just read before opening this blog is right! You see no matter how much you try hard things would never end up the way you want them to end up!

When I was in 10th I fell in love for the first time, I didn't tried hard to keep the girl who i was so much in love with. As she said her family would marry her off as she blows candles on her 18th birthday. You know what i accepted this thing and let her go out of my life thinking that there is no  use to fight. Well even though i feel i should have fought a little but i right now cannot change the fact, there were a few things which i wanted to say to her,


            I wont call you baby or sweetheart i have lost all these rights to the man who you are now married to! i don't envy him neither i wish i was him. As it was my choice that i had to let you go. Even today when we chat i never say anything about our past but i would say one simple thing, there are days when i feel you should have been with me, when i feel i should be the one to have privilege to marry you. but dear i love you.'

i hope you are happy with the one you are now with!

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