The Girl I Love - Amit Nangia - Reviewed

Author: Amit Nangia

Overall rating: 3/5

"It didnt take her long to reach his place. All she had to do was to pull on her comfortable old jeans, wear a top, shove her hairbrush and Mac make-up kit into her handbag, pull out some suitable clothes for work the next day and thats about it". Myra, a beautiful thirty-year-old lady in search of a suitable partner to get married and settled but unfortunately she longs to get into Kairavs arms all the time. Kairav, Myras best-friend and boss with the phobia of commitment get into flings and casual relationships with other women despite knowing that he has feelings towards Myra. His casual and flirty nature makes Myra apprehensive of his love and she refrains from confessing her love to him.

As the story progresses, Kairav loses two relationships back to back and seek Myras help to get rid of his pain. The story begins when Myra gets a call from Kairav in the wee hours and as she reluctantly pulls her car out and drives down to his apartment Kairav gets drawn to her beauty and he recollects the day they had made out in Shimla very long time back. Kairavs mind keeps hovering around the same thing repeatedly and his craving to get Myra becomes an obsession. He protects Myra from all the other business partners and also tries to keep her away from Akhil, a guy who truly loves Myra and wants to get married to her. Although Myra first confronts Kairav about his behavior towards the other men in her life, she secretly admires his care and concern towards her. Would Kairavs phobia towards commitment allow him to break al the shackles and unite with Myra or would Myra be left heartbroken and does she gets married to Akhil? Would Kairav ever realize that Myra is the girl he always loved?

Amit has made an effort to describe the characters at their best but at times it becomes too banal. The scenes are repetitive as the plot just occurs in just three places; office, home, and Shimla. Every scene written is attached to the couple making love and it becomes boring. Kairav, being the most eligible bachelor has all the qualities which any woman would desire to have but at times his desperation towards sex makes the character a little off balance. The plot could have been a little gripping and the storyline could have been mature. The writing justifies the genre yet, there could have been more twist in the plot inducing that sensationalism in the readers' mind.

The relationship best-friend has lost its essence in this book because it is more of friends with benefits relationship which has been described by the author with the "BEST-FRIENDS" title and this is highly disappointing.

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