My Mute Girlfriend by Himanshu Rai - Reviewed!

Author : Himanshu Rai

Genre - Romance

Oveall Rating - 3 /5

"Please Vaidehi, you cant let me do this sin, please forward your palm and let me last time"

Well, after a long time a book made me so emotional. Himanshu Rai has given his best piece of work to his readers I must say. The story is touching and very well woven, it is simple and connected easily as I flipped the pages. I must confess that I finished reading all the 208 pages of the book in 3 hours. It has been quite some time since I got glued to a book like this. It was a fast read and an enjoyable one for sure.  

The characters Rohan, Vaidehi, Akash, Rahul, Vineet, Reena, and Chaaru have been brought to life by the author effortlessly. It is a typical love story that happens almost in every students life hence, it can connect to the audience at ease. The best bit in the book which I loved the most is about the boys hostel life and the way the other boys tease Rohan linking with Vaidehi. The language is simple and easily understandable.

The story starts when Rohan, a Telecommunication Engineer receives a message from his long-time lover, Vaidehi. Rohan, a boy from Sagar, Madhya-Pradesh who takes a break to study for his entrance develops a huge attraction towards his junior at school Navya and puts his heart and soul to clear the entrance exams to become an Engineer. His idea of getting into an Engineering course is to propose Navya and convince his parents to accept their relationship.

Being an average scorer right from his school days Rohan happens to meet Vaidehi during his Engineering course counseling at one of the centers. He gets smitten by her right at the first meet and chooses the same college and stream as hers just because he gets to see her despite having tremendous passion towards Computer Science.

The two of them become very good friends and slowly as the relationship evolves, Rohan starts to get confused to choose between Navya and Vaidehi. While Vaidehi is famous for her high attitude and arrogance she reveals a different persona of hers to Rohan which draws him towards her completely.

He gets into a deep dilemma if he still loves Navya or was it actually an infatuation or is it just Vaidehi who is made for him! He seeks his sisters help and makes the choice of proposing Vaidehi on the New Years Eve. Vaidehi and Rohan get inseparable and Rohan invites Vaidehi and his friends to his sister Surbhis wedding.

When everything seems picture perfect, Vaidehi breaks-up with Rohan and goes absolutely "MUTE" without any reasons for five long years. While all his friends warn Rohan that he is dumped by her Rohan, still believes that she would certainly come back one day because he sensed the spark in her eyes which he had never found in anyone else. Do you think Rohan would end up being with his girl-friend Vaidehi or would he lose her forever?

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The story is not complex and easy to understand but at times it becomes too melodramatic and takes a turn towards some Bollywood movie. The scenes of the final letter drafted by Vaidehi to Rohan sounds very artificial and the way he feels her in the hospital and college is way too exaggerated. The content gets mundane during the second half when Vaidehi decides to keep quiet. This bit also transports you to a filmy mood. Had the Bollywood twist not been given to the climax; then this would have definitely been a brilliant piece of writing.

The climax of the book is high on emotions and the author Himanshu has the ability to easily penetrate the readers' mind with his words but should have worked more on giving a real ending to the story. The story could have been a little more gripping because somewhere it becomes too ordinary, predictable and repetitive and thats a buzzkill at times. There are minor grammatical and editing errors in the book.

The characters could have been described a little bit more and that could have made the readers visualize well. The characters of Anna, Vineet, Akash, Chaaru, and Reena are not even touched upon. Their characters are also equally significant as the protagonists. The cover page of the book looks very filmy and glossy and a redesign of it would certainly do justice to the content inside.

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