The Game of Secrets by Saurish Hegde - Reviewed

Author: Saurish Hegde

Genre : Fiction (Partial Sci-Fi)

Rating : 2/5

The Game of Secrets, a book that revolves around the protagonist Nishanth - 32, an eligible bachelor, who is a famous Oncologist by profession and is passionate about becoming a politician. Hailing from an influential family from Mangaluru Nishanth's Dad Mr. Vittal Hegde is also a renowned oncologist in Mangaluru. 

While his father runs a hospital with three other partners Kiran Dev, John and MohanDas Kumar; Nishanth, works with them to gain experience and expand his wings in Mangaluru as a good medical practitioner. Nishanth has nothing to worry about except for being single and at times loneliness strikes Nishanth and he longs to be in a companionship. 

Nishanth, for his passion towards Politics, finds out an eminent and energetic leader Kashyap and helps him in raising a party but the opposition leaders Adishakthi and Dhanush shatters the dreams of Kashyap and Nishanth when things start favoring them. 

As he curses his misfortune of still remaining single, he accidentally comes across Navya, daughter of a business tycoon and a family friend of Vittal Hegde in one of the parties. He gets smitten by her beauty right at the first sight and asks her out with a lot of hesitation. Navya, a fashion designer by profession has plans of starting an apparel store at Mangaluru and in Paris too. Despite the nervousness, Nishanth asks Navya out and after a couple of dates, the two get intimate and serious about the relationship.

While both his professional and personal life are falling into their places Nishanth has a new task to take up and his love for science forces him to break-up with Navya as well. He also moves away from Kashyap, handing him over all the responsibilities of the party and goes to Switzerland to meet Mr. Ramdas. Ramdas, a renowned scientist who is in quench of finding a host for his experiment of fusing hegdrons, an element that has the ability to turn humans into super-humans seek Nishanth's help. The plot here gets interesting and to know what these hegdrons are, I recommend you buy the book.

The plot gets nail-biting when Nishanth gets a death threatening call regarding the powers he would have gained after getting the Hegdrons fused into his body. the conspiracy that gets created by the kith and kin of Nishanth has been plotted well.

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Saurish has given his best shot to come up with a book of his choice, however, the language used in the book is very immature and sometimes sounds too casual as well. The flow of the sequences also gets messed up at times and this can make it slightly difficult to follow the storyline.

The plot of the story could have been more interesting had the author tried to bring in the power of Nishanth after undergoing the experiment of getting the hegdrons fused successfully into his blood. This bit has not even been touched upon apart from a couple of scenes where he gets to examine a couple of patients. One Mrs. Anita, Navya's distant aunt and the other lady from a village who comes for treatment at the hospital. 

Most of the time the protagonist has been showcased as being nervous, timid and low on self-confidence and this sometimes puts off the reader. The scenes where he meets the scientist Ramdas, his first meeting with Navya and also when he has to face a few challenges after the threatening call.

Some of the scenes where Navya and Nishanth get intimate also sounds very desperate and the usage of "IT" when the author explains about the longing for a physical relationship by Nishanth everywhere lacks sophistication. The choice of words such as, "He dies on Spot" when Nishanth sees Navya for the first time and "Cancer of Lung" again lacks maturity. 

The scene where Nishanth starts to admire the breasts of his patient becomes ugly and this should have been completely avoided as it makes the protagonist a womanizer and it also takes a toll on the personality of the earlier described character of Nishanth. 

Belonging to the medical background, it is easier for the author to come up with jargons but for a reader, it becomes quite difficult to understand. Those things require a clear explanation.

Describing a character has become slightly tough for the author and it is very evident from the writing style. The description lacks flow and at times where it has been exaggerated quite a bit. Many times when the story just begins to get interesting, the author has quickly given away the secret and this can be a buzzkill.

Editing is very poor and the words are spaced in such a way they sometimes convey a different meaning altogether. For example, 'The Best oncosurgeon' has been typeset as "the best on cosurge on", this really is a major turn of throughout the book as every page has editing errors.

Overall I rate this book 2/5 as there is a lot of groundwork to be done before penning a Sci-Fi genre. 

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