AV Erotic Chat By Dinakar Reddy: Book Review


VARSHIKA is an innocent teenage girl who has given her best in engineering entrance exam. She gets bored during the holidays. Watching movies or going on a vacation with dad, were her goals for the holiday season. But she also wanted to make her life more interesting by having a boyfriend.
Inspired by the trends in this society, she tries to make a boyfriend online. She meets RAHUL on an anonymous chat website. 
Varshika finds Rahul very attracted and fall for him.
Being driven by hormones and curious situations she does a nude AV CHAT with Rahul. She gets addicted to it and later fall in a big trouble which makes her end her life.
But destiny has other plans for her. She gets saved and is sent to a rehabilitation center.
Later Varshika tries to resume her life back as a normal person but again she finds Rahul on her way. She finds that Rahul is not just a random guy. He had dealt with International Woman trafficking mafia!
Will Varshika fight for her justice? Will she get help of anybody or she will be left blamed by all? Will Rahul spoil this teen-â„¢s life again? Will there be a happy ending?
AV Erotic chat is a tale where you will find the darker side of the virtual world.


I started reading this book on Sunday at 9 AM and I completed the book within next 3 hours. It was a short read and also an interesting one that I was unable to keep the book down for even a pee. I couldn-â„¢t move a single inch away from the book till it was complete. The character of Varishka was one of the most interesting characters I have read in this year so far, the way the character is depicted it makes it relatable and awesome. The Author manages to keep readers hooked to the story with the twists and turns. Making this one a hell of a read. Definitely waiting for the next one from the Author!!!!!!

I would give 4.5 stars out of 5. 

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