Interview with Dinakar Reddy Author of A V Erotic Chat

Today, we will be interviewing Dinakar Reddy who is an inspiring author. Dinakar has recently written a great crime thriller so lets see what this author has to say about his book and life.

Team WordBite: Hello Dinakar, hope you are doing great. Can you tell us something about your book?

Dinakar Reddy: Hello. I am great. To tell something about my book, AV EROTIC CHAT is that its a Mystery-Crime thriller loosely based on my imagination. The protagonist Varshika gets involved in AV Erotic chat with a stranger online. How she gets trapped by International Human Trafficking agency and she fights to survive constitutes a remaining story.


TWB: What difficulties you faced while writing this book?

DR: First of all I never thought I could write by putting a teenage girl character as the lead. It was challenging for me to write from the point of Varshika who is innocent and crazy with hormones. It was too difficult for me to portray her as a strong character who wants to survive the depression, guiltiness and other mixed emotions.


TWB: Who is your favorite author? Why?

DR: I really went through many Telugu novels. Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani garu and Yandamoori Veerendranath gaaru are my favorite Telugu authors.

Their writing style and flow in the story will make reader gets hooked up the book. Their novels give a fine impression on readers mind over a long period of time.

In English I love books of Preeti Shenoy.

For the sake of truth, I did not yet explore foreign authors. The first English book I have purchased is Oprah Winfreys Autobiography.


TWB: How writing happened to you?

DR: I used to be a good story teller and essay writer from school days. I can narrate a movie to friends along with background music and also I can show the emotions in the scene with my descriptions .I used to feel I could write stories that involve characters which can discuss anything like Environmental changes or Butterfly effect. I like to express my thoughts and opinions in the form of a story. So I decided to write and it happened like that.

It is a sin if I didnt mention J.K.Rowling here. No explanation needed for her name. We all know it.


TWB: Where do you see yourself in next five years?

DR: Somewhere reading my books in a book club for readers and giving autographs. Writing my ideas into more books after a relaxed day job.

Life could be anything. I wish everything could make me to live my life to the highest expression.


TWB: Have you ever faced writers block?

DR: After writing Chapter in which Varshika goes to rehabilitation center I felt I cant Complete AV EROTIC CHAT. I feared the episode looks like Preeti Shenoys "Life is Everything you make it". I didnt know how Varshika could feel anymore. Sometimes I used to lock myself in a dark room to feel how much it suffocates when you lose your freedom. Later, it helped me to complete the book.


TWB: What should your readers expect from you next?

DR: I assure diversity in my writing and plots. I like to experiment with different genres rather than limiting myself to one particular category.


TWB: Why did you choose to write a crime thriller?

DR: I guess readers eagerly digest the content of Crime Thrillers when it comes to subjects like Trafficking or erotic chats. I bet AV EROTIC CHAT has a message in its story for the readers.


TW: Any advice for budding writers?

DR: I feel myself as a budding writer. I write to express. I believe writing makes me release my negative emotions and convert them into positive experiences in a story.

I suggest the same to anyone who wants to write. Write your imaginations, experiences, feelings, emotions and what not. Write to make this world a better place. It gives peace to your soul.

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