Book Review: Inside The Heart Of Hope By Rishabh Puri

Book Title: Inside The Heart of Hope
Author: Rishabh Puri
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 121
Language: English
Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Publishing Date: 7th June 2017
ISBN-10: 938266596X
ISBN-13: 978-9382665960

A powerful life journey of a man who did not only learn to live with his medical disorders but saw this as opportunity to cherish life and all the bitter-sweet gifts it brought with it. It is a story of strong will, perseverance and optimism which will move you to wonder if whether at all there are any limitations in life. Is sky really the limit? Is the end really the end? Life is too beautiful to whine over what we do not have. Disappointments are as significant as our victories but the important thing is to remember that nothing good ever gets away! There is happiness and joy in every aspect, we just need to look harder and look in the right places. There are a million people like myself who have had dreams of a happy wholesome life but their illness prevented them from it. They have felt alone and helpless like I did once upon a time but ultimately even if we are all alone, we are together in it. There is an intangible string that ties all the rights together and ultimately things fall into place because happiness isn't a destination, it is a journey of faith and persistence. What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters as compared to what lies inside us.

Starting from the cover to the title its beautiful and looks interesting. Title is perfect for the story. title touched my heart after reading the book.Its a combination of hope, love, friendship, emotions, dreams and survival.

This is a story of the protagonist Rick suffers from a heart disease. During his childhood, he is affected by Hyperlipidaemia, which later is developed to Aortic Valve Stenosis. Being sick, he is not allowed to do anything on his own. He is limited with restrictions by which he loses all the funs of the childhood. Rick is always seen and treated as a diseased kid, which makes him feel sicker. Rick finally finds a girl for him. Amy, doesnt know about Ricks heart disease as he hasnt disclosed it. He wishes to live a happy and long life of fantasy with Amy, but then arises the disaster. Amy comes to know the problem and his heart surgery. To his bad luck, Amy leaves Rick after knowing that he has got only 50% chance to survive. Rick suffers in pain more than the surgery can give him. He hopes that he will not survive the surgery but then he comes back to life with his doctor promising that he is cured. Rick is more than happy and tries to break the barriers all he has had till then, to lead a normal life. But then comes another problem. Rick needs to undergo another surgery and this time his chance for survival is only 10%. He is completely broken. With the words of Jacob, his one best friend, he badly wants to live the beautiful life ahead. This time, God listens to his prayer and the surgery goes well, assuring him health. Rick soon becomes a successful business man and then the air of love hits him. He meets Lisa, an air hostess on a business trip and both eventually fall for each other. When everything goes on a right track, Rick is now afraid about his bad luck. He is worried if Lisa will leave him after knowing about his surgery. But then a storm blow into his life and he is in the edge of losing his love.

The language of the book is simple which will make it easy to read for the reader. Each of the characters whether negative or positive was sketched well and blended with the plot just perfectly making the story move smoothly. Inside the heart of hope is a simple yet a meaningful story about love, hope, faith and relationships. The book in itself is an inspiration and an eye-opener for those who gives up too soon. Where there is hope, there is life and this book certainly explains it well.

I would like to recommend all romantic book lovers.

Accept where you are,

Accept what you have,

Accept who you are,

do what you can with all that and let it be enough.. 

Over all rating 4/5 stars. Looking forward for you next book Flying Without wings.


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