My Dear Enemy

My Dear Enemy

We all have one person in our peace place alive to spoil the peace of your mind well if that person is not there! There is no difference between you and a saint. So the questions would come in your mind like,

 Why I need to have this person?

 Why I shouldnt just punch him on face?

Why cant I just throw him out?

Well for starters, if this stupid idiotic mad and the destroyer of your peace is not there then what is the meaning of your life! Nothing!

You dont have a reason to prove anyone wrong you dont have motivation! And bro! You need motivation since without motivation we are nothing.

This person may get on your nerves. You may want to punch his face and make him bleed! You may even image yourself as,

 Batman, 'Do you bleed? and smile, 'Coz you are about to! and dream of saying this to him and then beat the shit out of him. But I would personally suggest do go so slow on this evil person. Physical pain is temporary thing. He will get okay with it!

If you really want to take revenge and hurt this Beep kind of person.

Stand up. Walk and do the thing which he says you cant do! Prove that shit-holic person that you are something! If you can do this then you dont need to say a word and use a punch. You will crush your dear enemy forever! You will be able to defeat him!

My Dream Enemy, beware Im not going to punch you; neither Im going to say a single word to you. But you are going to get hurt when you see me become SUCCESSFUL!

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