Thanks for Being There!

Its been ages since I have last written a blog, but today I felt to write one. This one is special, recently in valentines week I completed 5 years in industry.

A few years back when I was 16...

It was the time of night. We all were standing, we all means me, my first love and my other friends.

One of my friends said, 'So miss A will get married as she turns 18!

I gave her a brief look and asked, 'Is it true?

Miss A said, 'Yes!

'Is there any way to delay it? I innocently asked.

'If anyone powerful enough comes then it might! miss A said with a forced smile I could sense she was not so happy. So that night I pointed out what I could do so that in next 2 years I could become someone important. After crossing out few things I finalize I could turn the dairy of memories I write into a book.


I went away from her as I wanted to be something first and then walk to her, but nothing is easy it took me two years for finishing my book, finding a publisher and finally getting it published! It was valentine day when my first book was released. I still remember that day. I was just 18 I didnt have any girl with me but that day I had everything. It was a little bit of achievement I had achieved. For the launch all my family flew in from various part of the world. Mr. H my dads best friend also spoke and due to happiness tears find their way out! That day was one of the most important days of my life.


Thanks Miss A for making me understand we need to do something to be something. If you would have not come in my life I might have never been where Im today!

Then came the next important thing, which had shaped everything in my life and everyone around it. I meet Miss S and around the same time I along with Mr. R decided to start WordBite. It was way lot different back then when we choose to start.

Four years back in a café...

I was sitting with Mr. R we were finalizing everything and we ended up naming our little startup as WordBite.

Thank you Mr. R for sharing my dream if you would have not been there WordBite would have never happened!!!

One year later to that...

Miss S joined WordBite for good we were a team of 14 full time people working to do something which was about to change. We worked hard and fast becoming the 6th highly ranked Entertainment site in India.

Two years later to the time in café...

I was lying on my bed going through the feed on facebook and something came in front of me and that thing gave me an idea which was going to change everything. And then at that night the idea of WordBite platform came in existence. But none can start something as big as 'the platform I was about to start alone, and I choose to pivot WordBite into something different.

Thank you Miss S for believing in my Dream and trusting my Vision and making me a person who would stick on to the thing till its not done!!!

We had to let go a lot of our Rockstars because the new dream required new dreamers and we needed a lot of more things like INVESTOR so then we met Mr. M AKA Big Boss. I still remember the first investment meeting we had done with him and how he grilled us with his various questions and even after falling in love with our idea he took two difficult months to finally saying a yes. But he loved idea so much that he didnt wanted to be an investor he wanted to be a investing partner.

Thank you Big Boss for being there if you would have not been there WordBite platform would have not been as it is right now!!!

One year before...

We all started developing the app, Mr. S, Mr. A and Mr. PR and I stayed in office from 9 in the morning to 4 in the night so that we would be able to launch the app on Valentines Day. If these people would have not been there we would have hardly been able to launch our app on the decided day. I still remember that daily morning status call grilling the deadline pressure the fun food time and amazing memories which we collected but in all this Mr S our CTO, my friend in need and the first call to person when anything goes south stood out for the Dream which he hardly knew much about.

Thank you Mr. S if you would have not being there this would have never happened WordBite platform is standing on your strong shoulders!!!

In all these 5 years I have been working these five people are my earnings. Every single morning I start working as a fresher and every single morning I start to learn something there are various people who I have not mentioned above but they played a lot important role in my life in these five years and I know if I dont write their name they would definitely shoot me. So in short I would also like to thank Miss P, my loving sista for being with me like sweet water. Mr G for being the worst best friend ever. Our Lawyer for not lying to me. Pun intended. And all the people who Im not remembering right now. You matter.


With Love,


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