After our 12th grade board exam I and Ajinkya my friend went to CCD. As we reach there.

"Hey Nik" Ajinkya said to a boy who was sitting alone. I give dirty look to Ajinkya as I dint like Nik much; this was because he was not a good person and had dumped two girls before.

"Hi" Nik replied back as we sat next to him

"So whats up" Ajinkya asked. While I looked towards him his eyes were red I thought he has definitely drunk and came here.


"why are you alone, where is your girlfriend" as Ajinkya asked him I tried to remember his girlfriend name as he had dated three girls I remembered first two name but was not remembering the last means present ones name. But I remembered that she was a good girl as we had been in same class for a year.

"Hmmm... why do right girls get the wrong guys?" he turned his face towards me and asked. I noticed that his eyes have turned wet and the red color was because he might have not slept for days.

"What happened?" I asked. This was the first time I spoke with him in last five minutes but he dint replied and I thought that something is wrong with him so I continued "Is there anything troubling you..... If you want you can share, it will help you"

"I want to tell you a story" Nik said

"Ok...." I said and he began his story

A year before me and Rani started dating. We never had fight in the whole year. We used have fun visited cafes and used to sit on the roadside on our vehicle.

She used to SMS me every 20 minutes many a times I used to find it irritating and complain her but even after that she used to do the same. My every morning would start with her SMS 'good morning Janu and every night ended with her sweet voice. She used to call me as Janu and I used to call her as Jaan.

 20 January was the day when I proposed her. I dint remember the date but as she used to alarmed me regularly that we will celebrate so I remembered the date.


My phone vibrates. I saw who was calling it was her. I check the time the watch showed 00.00. I picked up the call and she said "Happy anniversary"

"What?" I asked as I was confuse that when did we marry.

"Jaan its 20 January we started our relationship a year ago..." and continued "So happy anniversary, but you forgot" she emphasis the last word. Forgot is a danger sign for every boy in a relationship.

"No....." I said while I was thinking what to say and within seconds I thought something and continued "you said anniversary so I asked what"

"So what I should have said" I tried to think that in English was there any word for that but dint remembered.

"Ok.... Leave it.... And same to you" I replied in a sleepy tone.

"So you remember what we had decided?" she asked

"Yes" I replied

"Ok then I will call you at 9 o clock, love you" she said

"Love you" and we cut the phone

We had decided that we will spend the whole day together.


At 9o clock she called me and said to come at central. And as she ordered I reached there on time, if not then she would had killed me. She was wearing a white churidar. It was the first time I had seen her in Indian wear and she looked gorgeous. As I came to her she hugged me.

"Why have you called me here?" I asked

"Why cant you say a hi" she said

"I asked you" as I was speaking she cut me and said "I want to purchase a shirt"

"For whom"

"My neighbor"


"Because, he is my boyfriend"


"Come lets go" she said as she hold my hand and took me in with her.

I literally hated central mall. Because they had upside escalator on one side and coming downside on other so if you went a level up by mistake then you have to walk the whole level to come down.

We straightly went to fifth level of shirt section. And she started selecting shirts for me and dint even asked my choice. Nearly after 30 minutes and my 15 round of trail room, she finalizes a blue shirt.

As we paid sorry she paid the bill as it was a gift from her. She said "Bent down" and she bent down.

"What happen?" I asked as I dint understand what has happen to her

"Come follow me" she whispered and we went straightly to a rack of jeans.

"What happen" I asked

"that boy is my cousin" she said pointing towards a six feet tall well build man who would crushed my face if he would  had seen me with his sister.

"He is man not boy" I said

"Stop joking"

"Now how will we go out" I asked as I didnt want to go to the hospital. This is the biggest problem in a teen love story if any of the family finds out then its and end of freedom.

"I think he is going to trail room" she said

"So what" I asked

"As he will shut the door we will run out"

"If he saw us" I said

"Be positive" she said

"My blood group is A positive"

"Shut up" she said and as her cousin went inside we ran outside.

Then we traveled 5 km to Naturals ice cream parlor which was on the other side of the road as we were on the opposite side of it.

"So we are safe" she said

"Because of me" I said                                                                                 

"Ohhh" she tried to make a fun of me

"Go and bring an ice cream for me" I said

"Why me, you go" she said

"Plz... Jaan Im tired"

"Ok fine..." she said and went towards the shop, while I observed her.

She was nice and always used to listen to me unlike my last two girlfriends.

My phone rang, it was her

"What happen?" I asked

"Which flavor do you want" she asked

"Mango same as you like" I replied

"Ok then...." As she was about to cut the phone I said dont cut the phone I want to hear you. 


"Just do it"

Then she ordered ice cream and after it arrived she pick up our order and started coming back "Can I cut the phone now I have to cross the road" she said

"No" I said

"But its a rule to not talk while you are crossing road"

"Rules are meant to be broken...." As I finished my sentence she started crossing the road and she did not cut the phone, I was watching her.

"You know what" I said

"What?" she asked

"Walk and talk...."

"Shut up"

"You will loose weight"

"Im not fat"

"I know if you were fat then I would have not propose you"

"End..." and suddenly a truck hit her. Her phone went in the air and fall on the road. And within seconds silence covered the noises of the horns.

I ran towards her. I saw her white dress had become red and a man came to her and said "She is dead" as I heard that my foot stopped to move ahead. I felt that the world around me has ended.

It took half an hour to the ambulance to reach and then they took her. I wanted to ask her to continue her statement, wanted her to speak to me but my mouth dint opened.

I did not went to her funeral as I dint wanted to see her body burning.

As Nik finished his sentence tears started to flow down his eyes. I was in shock to hear that she was no more. I was wordless to what to say to him as he was the first boy in my life whom I had seen crying.

"Its ok.... It is not your fault" I said while I passed a tissue paper

"No its my fault.... If I had not told her to bring ice cream she would have been alive" he said

"We cant change time" Ajinkya said

"I was the wrong guy for her, why cant you right guys get the right girls" he said looking towards me still tears were coming from his eyes.

"It is not about right or wrong.... It was a mistake which could have happen by anybody" I gave him another tissue

"If I was a right guy I would have not told her to break the rule and she would have been alive" he said

His statement was right or wrong I did not understand but I saw a change in him. If he was a wrong guy before he had changed to become a right guy now.

"Why?" he asked after rubbing his tears.

"What?" I asked

"Why do wrong guys get the right girls?" he said

"Because.... All the wrong guys say the right thing at the right time and all the right guys dont say anything at anytime" I said and after some time he went away

"Do you think his life has ended" Ajinkya asked

"His end is his beginning......"

[Note: may her soul rest in peace; this blog is dedicated to her and to all who have lost there love one. I would be glad if you share it......

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