The Great Khali lands in legal soup, biography author Vinit K. Bansal has accused him of breach of contract

The Great Khali may have knocked out his opponents left, right and centre inside the ring, but outside, this former WWE champion wrestler has landed himself in a legal soup.  Author of Daleep Singh Rana, aka The Great Khalis biography, Vinit K. Bansal has filed a breach of contract case against him in a Gidderbaha court. The court has asked Khali to appear before it on April 2.

Bansal had penned down Khalis biography, 'The Man Who Became Khali in 2017 and according to him, it stood among the top 10 bestsellers in India. Bansal, who has around 7-8 books to his credit, has accused Khali of breaching the legal contract which was signed between them.

Bansal claims that Khali had asked him to write his biography three years back when he was working in a NRI branch of State Bank of India (SBI) in Jalandhar. Bansal says that the contract had a clause wherein the revenue was to be shared between them on a 70:30 basis, and he still continues to receive the proceeds. He has alleged that Khali has now sold the film rights of the biography to Fox Star Studios, without informing him.


Bansal further said that Fox Star Studios had apprised him of the deal via an e-mail. Bansal has also accused Khali of trying to pressurize him. Khali was sent a legal notice which he didnt revert to, following which I moved court, added Bansal.

Source: thehushpost

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