The Dream of a Girl
Every person has a dream about which they think for all the day and night. There was a 15 years old girl named Shivika. She used to spend her time sitting in lobby area during every evenings. She use to see a same dream everyday. The dream to live a normal life like the other girls, yaa a normal life. She was the daughter of one the greatest business man of the state. They use to live away from the city in a huge palace with great facilities. But Shivika,  she was never happy with luxurious life. She wants to spend her childhood with all the experiences and fun. A life where a small thing can make you happy, the real meaning of life away from the so called High Standard Life. Shivika was never allowed to make friends and roam with them neither to talk with them. Though every big happiness was there, her life was always incomplete. Years passed and she turned in to an mature girl, her 18th bday. She decided to leave her house and live an independent life without all the restrictions flying high achieving her dreams. She starts her beautiful journey with the next step of her life, the college. She work as a designer in private company and afford her study cost. She faces many problems as she was not favourable and attached with that independence. But she was always happy that she is not bind inside the four walls of house. Her every dream was coming to reality and her life was just like an flying butterfly. She completed her studies and got married with the prom she loves. The only thing that she never got and making her sad was her parent's love, she tried many times to convence them but they never accepted her. Shivika, the small girl with not so small dreams is an great example for many people. Life is not about how much you earned money its all about how much you lived your life happily. Dreams can become true, just go for it without any fear of losing.
Dream as big as you can think
Work as hard as you can do for it
The day will definitely arrive soon
The doors will surely open for you
Behind every successful person there besides an dream
A dream the can make a single penny to thousand dollar...

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