A Tattle Of Olden Times episode4


A Tattle Of Olden Times

#Episode 4


"Amatya, I'm decided. Spread the news throughout the lands, whoever brings diamond fruit, I would honor them with half of the kingdom."


The king's decree was proclaimed everywhere with the tattle, not only at his Kingdom but also at other Nations. When the adventurous youth listened to this, they went to the shore and trailed numerous times. No one ever succeeded.


Because the tides never stopped, just like in the dream. Days turned into seasons, Seasons rolled over, but no one ever seen the tides halt. So men stopped trying for the forbidden fruit.


Meanwhile, Madhava - a poor Brahmin lives with his family, in the southern part of Vanga kingdom. His father died when a famine broke out, so he took responsibility for his 4sisters marriage upon his shoulders. He is working hard until his spine pains, but the money is just supporting the grains.


When Madhava heard about the silver-tree, he thought it's a hoax. But later he has seen so many people trying for it from his village. Madhava felt to test his luck with his friend Gunasharma, so they went to the seashore on a Full moon day.


They waited until the last quarter of night but rolls into sleep as their day was tiring. When Madhava's head slipped from the grip of his hand, the ocean slipped to tidings from equilibrium in a wink.


 Madhava didn't believe what he saw, understood, the equilibrium only happen on Full moon day, but not every day. So, Madhava woke up Gunasharma and left for their houses, and started waiting for next Full moon.


On the Shukla-Chaturdashi(14th day before Full moon) Madhava, Gunasharma left their houses with a glass lantern, and sticks by the quarter of the mid-night.


"Madhava, listen to me, this is a very foolish thing. Every one knows, tides never quit. Let's go back to home". Gunasharma tried to give piece of his mind to his stubborn friend. Moon is shining brightly in the sky, They covered shawls around their bodies to protect themselves from chilling breeze, and walking fast for the shore as they can't predict what time it is.


"Shut up and listen to me, last time I watched tides died down for a wink, I froze upon seeing them, and you were busy with snoring. So, I didn't wake you up." As they reached the shore, Madhava gestures Gunasharma to sit in a dry place where tides can't reach, and easy to getup.


As the time passes, sleep slowly started creeping their eyes, and they were poking each other constantly. After few minutes, Madhava opened his cloth sachet and inserted his hand and took out a few tooth-picks.


Gunasharma's face went poker, and he started scratching his head by seeing tooth-picks,


"Guna, take this picks and break them, keep them in between your eyelids, so they won't fall." Said Madhava and passes to Gunasharma.


Gunasharma and Madhava takes them and kept in between their eyes, and examining the ocean in the light of the lantern.


After few minutes, a big sandstorm raised, dust fell into Madhava and Gunasharma eyes. So they thrash toothpicks from eyelids, started rubbing their eyes to clean their eyes off from dust particles with cursing and stomping their feet.


Suddenly everything died down. calmness erupted around them for a moment. By rubbing eyes vigorously in an attempt of clearing their vision, they tried to reach the sea by running but failed by crashing into each other. 




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