A Tattle Of Olden Times episode3


As soon as he touched the Golden fruit, Pratapa Varma's body started sweating vigorously, he feels his feet slipping from his control and melting into jelly.

Suddenly Pratapa Varma's breathe caught in his throat, and he slowly started melting down. "Help, help" he started shouting with all his might and everything is turning into black Infront of his eyes.

"Maharaja Maharaja" someone started shooking him, "Maharaja please wake up, maharaja please", 

With shooking, a shock left from Pratapa Varma body, he woke up with a sudden force and sat exhaustedly on the sumptuous mahogany bed. Pratapa Varma controlled his breathing and scrutinized at the bangles clinking noise. He gets hold of the water glass passed by Rani Rupavathi. With shivering hands, he lets it empty by one go and wiped the sweat off of his forehead.

When he gained control of his senses, he looked at his left towards rani and observed terror clouded her face with his impetuous behavior. As he discomposed by the bizarre dream, Pratapa Varma no longer able to relax up on the bed. 

When he tries to get up from the bed,"Maharaja any bad dream?" Rani Rupavathi caught hold of his hand, inquired him worriedly. Rani's face was worried, so he gestured her with his head to accompany him. Raja held Rani's palm in a firm grip and walked hand in hand to the balcony of their chambers. 

Sun started raising afar in the sky, as the spring surfaced, everything seems pleasant and distorted at the same time. Pratapa Varma took Rupavathi's small frame into his hug trying to relax his subconscious mind.


As the day progresses, Maharaja Pratapa Varma and Maha Rani Rupavathi started for Royal assembly like every day. Unlike the other day, Maharaja was very excited to commence the court while he prepares himself. He wishes to share the dream with Royal advisors so that he can understand what does the divine spirits trying to disclose to him. 

Dreams are mysterical advises or sometimes may be warnings from divine & ancient spirits to guide king for the welfare of Kingdom. Every one get dreams, every dream have its own path of formation and reasons for intervention and distortion. But, the dream which occurred to King is formed with divine intervention because he never imagined nor heard an object like a silver banyan tree with diamond mango. Never.

King started smiling at his thought process and felt insecure about his image to be projected. What if everyone thinks that he is lost?! Still king wants to put this dream forth into court. 

"Hail to Great Ruler Maharaja Pratapa Varma"

Royal Announcers addressed Pratapa Varma, while walks through the magnificently craved hallways to Royal court.

"Hail to Great Ruler Maharaja Pratapa Varma" Royal Announcers squall to alert everyone for the last time, about the approach of the king to the royal court.

Every day all the high men namely, 

the sthaniyak heads- (head of every 800villages)

ministers of divisions, 

Saamanthya Rajas- kings who belongs to the occupied kingdoms,

Raja Purohit- high priest,

Amatya-minister in chief,

Sainyadhipathi-Minister of Knights, 

of the royal court were aligned according to their status lastly Maharani Maharaja are positioned in the court in order.

When Royal guards make their last squall, 

King Pratapa Varma, Rani Rupavathi enters into the Royal Court with their Handsmen and royal guards.

While they cross, Everyone in the court flect Infront of him, as a token of respect and gratitude towards high King.

After Pratapa Varma ascends the throne, he gestured to start the Court. All the men convene to the day interestingly, for what would be going to happen today. 

'Amatya- Dhamodhara' initiated the royal court, about the floods that happened In the north-eastern Vanga, and famine at southern. As the court proceeds further and further, about all the mishaps happening in the kingdom, King Pratapa Varma caught there would be some juncture in between his dream and mishaps in his kingdom.

"Amatya, I had a perplexing dream last night, after I had that dream, I can't reconcile with myself for a long time, I find the dream has something to do with all the mishaps in the kingdom" King Pratapa Varma spoke out his intuition.

"What is it Maharaja, if you kindly set forth about it, we may find is there anything to do about it"

Then king Pratapa Varma started narrating his astounding dream to everyone in court. Everyone in the Court was listening with silence, as they never heard about ocean parting by itself, giving way to a silver-leaved tree which bears only one diamond mango.

As soon as king finished his description about the dream, he found Amatya Damodar in deep thought. While rest of the court members were talking about this tattle how wide that tree can spread. So Amatya desuetude the court for the rest of the day upon the word of the king. 

The tattle of Silver-tree spread over the kingdom like fire and every tongue whispered about it. Back at the fort, Amatya buries himself in Smritis, Vedas, Grandhas, and Scrolls to find the description of the tree. Finally in Atharvana Veda, he finds a tree with a similar description. 

One evening after a fortnight, the tattle hushed down, King Pratapa Varma assembled Amatya to listen to his cue about the silver tree. 

"Long live the Great king, I understand your concern about the dream, I'm glad to enlighten you more about the mystic tree, may I beg your time to proceed?" Requested the gray-haired Amatya, in the king's chamber of learning.

"Amatya, I'm very keen to listen about it, please enlighten me about it." Maharaja shared his reply and gestures his hand to Amatya to take a seat and sit near to him.

Amatya sat nearby King and started describing what he discerns from holy books.

"My king, our Vedas are filled with the knowledge and power from the Almighty, Upon 4 Vedas, Atharvana Veda itself brought by Bhrama from heaven as a fire. In Atharvana Veda, Bruguvistara, there mention about this Tree, Indra vriksha-the tree from heaven. It bears a Fruit once in a Yuga (1 Yuga=4,320,000years), this fruit can make a man Immortal and, if it was taken by a woman, she can give birth to an immortal man." 

While amatya explaining about the tree to King Pratapa Varma. King's eyes started shining, for the thought of having a baby in his lap.

Amatya understood his curiosity, but he kept straight face and continued his speech "My gracious king, I can understand what you are thinking, as you said your body started melting down while you touched the fruit, the same thing happens if anyone tried to subjugate it. They will melt down to rocks". 

King's happiness turns down into low-spirits within a second, but he trusts God, so he took a decision instinctively. 

"Amatya, I took my decision, spread the news throughout the lands, whoever brings diamond fruit, I will honor them with half of the kingdom." 


To be continued,

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