A Tattle Of Olden Times episode2

There right Infront of his eyes, he is seeing a wonder, another sun on the earth. The King astonishes by 

the shine that was illuminating Infront of his eyes. 

A banyan tree which elevated up to the Heavens and spreads to its might, covering the sky with its 

leaves. He knows how mighty banyan trees can emerge and occupy. But what he was looking at, is not 

an ordinary banyan tree, but a tree that never exists upon the earth. 

It was a kind, that only exists in the heavens and tattles. Instead of the wooden branches and green 

leaves, the tree is completely covered with silver branches, silver leaves, and the trunk of the tree is 

silver that radiates shine that can blind anyone.

As the king froze at his spot, the bees which accompanied him all the way, again started hovering near 

his ears to bring him back to normal state. Irritated king started walking towards the tree to scrutinize it 


As he nears the tree, King's eyes grew wide along with his mouth. Its vast trunk makes him gasp with 

shock, and he adjusted his eyes to its light and started encircling the tree. King lifted his head higher as 

he moves nearer, to see how the silver branches and leaves spreading from the trunk.

As much as he encircled the tree, the king's enthusiasm grew with his heartbeat, and his hands started 

to itch to touch the tree and feel it's hard trunk under his hands.

While the king walking with head high, Suddenly a stone by the tree roots hit his leg, when he observed 

along the roots, several plumpish stones were laid around. Some were long, some were short, but all 

are identical to human forms somehow.

Instead of touching the Silver trunk, King inclined to touch a stone, his hands started to shake, and 

fingers were trembling while moving towards the stone. When his fingers neared the stone, some spark 

glowed in the corner of his eye. 

At first, King thinks it was from light-bees, but his gut felt that source of the spark is different.

So, Pratap Varma retracted back his hand from the stone, with a straight face and turns his head 

diagonally across the corner of his eye. 

There he is seeing a Fruit, that shines like a diamond. It was in the handy distance. But, Pratapa Varma 

reconnoitered well. He doesn't see any fruit on any branch all this time. 

Pratapa Varma knew well, banyan fruits are round, small, cherry red in color. But This fruit is very 

different unlike them, this fruit is shining like a diamond, big in the size of Alphonso mango. 

Having sweet tooth for fruits, Pratapa Varma wanted to taste how this diamond mango melts upon his 


He ate several golden color mangoes, but never heard or seen any tree like this, how good would be this 

fruit taste?

As soon as the thought ignited, as a reflex his hand stretched forth to pluck the diamond mango off from 

the tree and savor his sweet buds.


as soon he touched the fruit his body started...... ***********************************

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