Person Of Interest: Rupi Kaur 'The Most Popular Instagram Poet'

Rupi Kaur is a #1 new york times bestselling author and illustrator of two collections of poetry. She is also termed as 'The Most Popular Instagram Poet' well but a lot of people who follow her poetry know a lot less things about her.  


1] She started drawing at the age of five when her mother handed her a paintbrush and said-draw your heart out.

2] After completing her degree in rhetoric studies she published her first collection of poems milk and honey in 2014.


3]  Her book was  in the new york times bestsellers list every week for over a year. 

4] She Was Born in India

Kaur was born in Punjab, India, and moved to Canada when she was four years old. 

5] She can read and speak Punjabi, but confesses that she doesnt have the mastery of that language necessary to write in it.

6] She Originally Self-Published Milk and Honey


7] She has appeared on TEDx

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