These Pictures of Nikita Singh will make you believe she is The Most Beautiful Author Alive

Nikita Singh in a very little time span has written nearly 10 novels and all the them have made it in bestsellers list, But that is no just it. She is not just a Bestselling Author but she is also the Most Beautiful Author Alive and these pictures of Nikita Singh will make you believe in what i just said.

This has to be the best candid picture ever taken.

I have never seen anyone looked so beautiful while working.

She just nailed the Mirror Selfies with this one.

Her Book reading sessions are filled with cuteness.

In this Picture she looks she has came straight out of a Disney Princess Movie.

No matter what she is doing she is just Gorgeousss! 

Her Book launches are filled with beauty.

None would had looked this Good having Food.

You can Buy all her books from the link below,


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