Many of our elders think about this question but I think we the youth of today should be the one who should think about it. I would point out some of the things which todays youth want, what they should have want and what they get.



Anybody and everybody want to make a 'Name of them. But today the 'N in name has changed to 'F. We all want 'Fame. We want people to be our fans. To get that fame we could go to any level. We will go to Roadies, Indian idol, DID and many other shows even if we dont have the talent. Just because they can give us Fame and Fan following.


We will not help the old lady living nearby. What will we get by doing that? Will people recognize us? Will some random person come to click a picture with us? The answer to above questions is a NO. But that old lady will say well about us. She will remember us in her prayers. By helping her or anyone who needs help we will create a name for ourselves. But we want the 'Fame not the 'Name. We want people to remember us in there minds not in their prayers. We want people to have a picture of us not a place in their hearts. But trying to get the Fame many creates fun about themselves and Fame goes a lot away even they feel ashamed to show their faces.


We all want a beautiful person to hold our hand to walk with us. When we have a beautiful girl/ handsome boy with us we can make our friends jealous. Being single is out of fashion. But why do we need a relationship. Just because our every friend is dating someone. Just because it creates an impression of you. Just to fulfill our physical needs. Everybodys reason is different. Well spend hours in a single day talking with that person.


We will not talk to our parents. They are old. They dont understand our generation. They are not funny. Reason might be anything. But the relationship which we have with our parents can never be changed by the relationship with hottest guy/girl. If we would talk with our parents they will defiantly understand our generation. They are also funny just we need to open space with them to let them talk freely. By trying to get a beautiful face we miss to get a beautiful heart. We miss the precious movements which we should have share with our parents. We miss to learn something good from our parents.


Every boy today wants a beautiful girl. So that he can put their picture together on facebook show the world. Make his friends jealous. Hold hands and walk with her in garden. Go out to a movie.


We dont want our sister to date someone, to love someone, to walk with someone. Why just because she is our sister. What about the girl who you walk with isnt she a sister of someone? Everyone has a sister and every sister has a right to date a boy just the same way her brother is dating another girl. Many boys try to stop their sisters from dating if they see their sister walking with a boy alone in garden they will hit that boy. Doing this they not only break their relationship with their sister but they also commit a crime. Which later leads to jail.


When SRK showed his six pack abs. it became a trend. Every boy joined a gym, just to get the body, make some muscles and get that six-pack abs. why do they do that? Because girls will like them! Their chances of dating a beautiful girl will increase.


They will not protect a girl who is troubled by eve teasers. They will not fight for her. They will not protect her. Then what is the use of that body? Just for show off. They should protect a girl. This makes them a real man. Not having a body like Salman can make them a real man.


Engineering and Doctor are the only career option. At lest in India. Everyone wants to be that, if not then their parents want them to be that. Parents here play an important role. If anyone wants to become a cricketer his parents will tell him to get a degree of engineering or doctor and then do what he wants to do. Just think if you want to become a cricketer and your parents tell you the same. So youll get the degree by the age of some 22. Then when are you going to play for the nation by the age of 30?


We will not do what we want to do and make the people who run tuition to crack the IIT and AIPMT richer. If we chose the career of our interest we would succeed more. We would earn more. We would enjoy our work. We should speak up with our parents and tell them what we want to do. Or regret is what well left with, for the whole life. If we kept on doing this thing which we are doing. No other Sachin Tendulkar will come. No other Steve jobs will come.

So what we should do:

Instead of trying to get the Fame we should try to get the Name. If we are spending six hours talking with our love we should spend the same amount of time with our parents. If we have a body like Salman, we should fight for the right. If we have a talent we should pursue it as a career. It all depends on us. The time we start will be the time we start changing. The change will not only happen in us but it will also happen in our nation.

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