Follow these 10 steps to write your first book

We all have a story inside us which needs to be shared. But writing down that story is not an easy task as writing your first book is most difficult since you know nothing about writing the book. Well to make the process easy for you, you should follow these steps to write you first book.

1] Write Synopsis.

Synopsis is like summery of your book. This is the first thing you have to write, since all the publishers ask for synopsis and writing it first will also help you when you start penning down your book.

2] Characterization

Once you are done with the synopsis, make a document which will have names of all the characters in your book, Big or small it should have all characters who they are linked to and their personality. This is necessary so that you dont make any mistake while writing book.

3] Chapter wise breakdown.

This is the most important thing. You should break your story in chapters so that you would know how the story will flow, which thing you have to write where and thing like that. Once you are done with this you are nearly done with 40% of your book.

4] Define a writing time.

Yes! Defining a daily time when you write is necessary so that there is consistency! To complete a book consistency is needed.

5] Write in flow.

Yes, there is a flow to everything and the best way is to go with the flow, dont worry about grammar or some mistakes you can correct them afterwards. But the flow once gone may not come back.

6] Correct chapter wise mistakes.

You are going to make many mistakes in first draft. So you need to correct them. Do it chapter wise and target to complete a chapter a day.

7] Read.

Well once you are done editing small mistakes read you first draft as if it has been written by your enemy, this way you would realize which things are not needed, which needs elaboration and which should be cut short, make note of all these things.

8] Re-Write.

Well once you are done with pointing out the flaws in your book. You have to re-write the book and do the changes which you have pointed out.

9] Beta Reading.

Well this has to be done properly you have to give book to two different kind of people one who like massy things and the other who like classy thing and both should not be shy to tell you their views no matter how good or bad it is going to be.

10] Final Draft.

Well once you have beta reading feedback you should start working on the final draft which includes editing and make a final version of your manuscript which you are going to send to publishers.


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