One minute. One incident. One mistake. And. The guilt for the whole life.
This is what describes the anger better. You would think 'I can never do anything wrong...even if Im angry. think again. Many times you control anger sometimes it controls you.

That sometimes could be like a nuclear bomb in your life. The effects would be disastrous.
Anger is the thing which we all have. You may be rich, poor, child, old, anyone and everyone has it, what so ever. Who so ever. A time comes when we lose our calm and that minute. That second. That movement. Our life changes. Relations are broken. Life could be taken.
We even have a lot of techniques to control it. Like counting to 10 and many more.
I think we should take it out rather than keeping it in you. As if you keep it in you it is not malnutrition it is nourished and when it reaches at the peek it burst out like a bomb.
Its not necessary that the person on who you are angry would be the victim. Anyone in front of you would become a victim of it.
You might leave that place and go on a drive. But do you think it would help... No... your brain would be in that emotion and you might hit someone on the road.
Its better to take it out in any form. Might be watching television, writing, sleeping, anything.
Many wont agree on the above line...

If a father beats his child the child fears but...he even gets angry. Later on the father might talk with the child like nothing has happen. But the angry remains in him. Maybe after 20 years the angry which was in it would burst out on the father. And. It would hurt...hurt a lot.
May be a friend who is angry on some other friend would not speak it out and keep the flame in him. One day. The flame would turn in a wild fire. And the friendship would break.

So either speak it out. Throw it out. Work it out. But dont keep it in.

You can use anger for even your benefit. One child would be angry because the other child of his class got the first rank and he got the second. He could use that anger in studying hard and getting the first rank. As that flame of anger would keep the spirit in him alive to score above. But this happens less. Today we hear one school child killed other for so and so reason. The root cause is anger.
Just remember after the movement of anger. You might blame the situation. Blame on other person. Blame on time. blame on anything.
The loss has happen. The relation is broken. The trust is shattered.

You cant have it back....

Anger is could harm you...

Think before you get angry...or you would not be able to think again.

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