Follow these 10 steps to become a Published Author in India

How to get publish? how to find a publisher? these question haunt every person who wants to publish his/her book well then,

Follow these 10 steps to become a Published Author in India

1] Write the book.

Yes, this is the main and most important thing about getting publish is finishing that first draft. It may seem very easy to pen down book when you have the whole story in your mind, well it is not that easy as when you start penning down your imagination, the character development, the dialogues each thing takes time and patience.

2] Rewrite the book.

Well once you are done with the first draft, you have to read the book, edit the things which are not relevant, remove the things which may bore the readers. You have read the book as if it has been written by your enemy as this is the only way it can reach near perfection.

3] Edit the book.

Well these steps can be done in two ways depending on your budget.

a)      Free Way: We all have a friend who is bloody good in English. So you would need to request him to edit your book and make it in proper English.

b)      Paid Way: Well this is a more preferable way since a proper edited book increases the chances of getting published.

4] Re-read the book.

Well once the editing is done, you should re-read the book to make sure the editing is properly done and it is still interesting and enjoyable.

5] Send out submissions.

Well this is the most easy way. You have to google the publisher or literacy agents, and send out sample chapters, synopsis and other required things.

6] Wait.

This is the most difficult step of all once you have written the book, done editing, done re-writing and even sending out mails. You would have a feeling that as you all the publishers in the world would fall in love with your book and would be ready to publish your book instantly. But this would not be that easy. Since nearly all publisher make you wait, that can even be longer than 50 freaking days.

7] Handle rejections.

Well if wait was difficult to handle then this one is clearly not for weak hearted people. Getting rejected by a girl would have been much each than this one since, a girl rejects you, but when a publisher say 'NO he says no to something which you have spent days and nights crafting.

8] Handle a yes.

Well yes this is very important since now a days there are various publishers who just want to loot the authors by putting points like, 'If 750 books not sold in pre-order Author will have to buy books or 'No royalty till 1 K copies sold etc. well you need to beware of these publisher since they would never tell you what exact is the sales count of your book.

9] Crack the proper deal.

Yes! When you find the proper publisher make sure you make a proper deal about royalty and other things.

10] Market your book.

Well from selecting the perfect book cover to planning the marketing campaign is necessary, since getting publish is one part of the coin the other and most important is becoming a best-selling author.


I wish you all the luck in getting publish and I would write how to market your book to make it a best-seller in my next article. Till then if you need any help in marketing your book, contact or they do marketing of books at cost which is not high.
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