House of Cards final season to go ahead without Kevin Spacey

Netflix has announced it will proceed with filming the final season of its popular show "House of Cards" despite firing the shows main star Kevin Spacey last month.

Speaking at a media conference in New York, Netflix Content Chief, Ted Sarandos announced Spaceys character Frank Underwood would not be a part of the shows sixth season. 

Mr Sarandos said the final season would instead focus on actress Robin Wrights character, Claire Underwood as the lead. 

House of Cards, which first premiered in 2013, was one of Netflixs first original-series to receive huge success. The show, based off a British mini-series, focused on Frank Underwood, a corrupt US president. Wright played alongside Spacey, with her character developing from the wife of a congressman, to first lady, to vice president and most recently as a newly elected president. 

Wrights portrayal of Claire Underwood won her a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama TV Series in 2014.

Mr Sarandos said the final season had a "good creative conclusion" and he was excited for the shows ending to "bring closure" to fans.

Netflix initially announced the show would be suspended after allegations of sexual harassment were raised against the shows star Kevin Spacey. 

However, the streaming giant came under fire when it severed ties with Spacey as a result, for allegedly leaving over 2000 Baltimore workers involved with the shows production, unemployed indefinitely. 

Allegations against Spacey initially surfaced after he was accused of making sexual advances towards fellow actor Anthony Rapp, when Mr Rapp was 14-years-old. 

Spacey responded to the claims and issued an apology saying he was "horrified" and did not remember the incident occurring. 

Since then more people, including former and current House of Cards employees, have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against the actor.

Netflix have not revealed details on when production of House of Cards will wrap up or when the final season is expected to be available online.

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