House Of Paratha In Pune Serves The Baahubali Thali And Nobody Has Finished It Till Now!

House Of Paratha at JM road serves the grand Baahubali Thali and it takes 5-6 people to finish it.

There are a few famous locations in Pune for unlimited eating, but nothing beats this thali served at House Of Paratha. The Baahubali movie might be a feast for your eyes on the screen, but the thali is even better. It has Devasena Paratha, Kattapa Biryani, Sivagami Shaahi Pakwan, Bhalladeva Patiala Lassi, and the giant Baahubali Paratha that tops the list. The accompaniments include 5 types of farsan and fried snacks, 5 varieties of sweet dish, a drink or shake, salad, pickles, chutney and topped with 3 types of ice cream.
It is served in a giant steel thali and you will have to wait at least an hour for your thali to be served to you. Or you can simply call the restaurant before arriving so that your order is prepared before you arrive.

Well, there’s no way you will want to eat anything after you’re done with the Baahubali Thali. It is not for the weak hearted. But if you’d like to go for something lighter, try out their range of soups, starter and other special thalis. They have Tandoori thalis as well, so you can get some excellent paneer kebabs with your thali. House Of Paratha is strictly vegetarian but they don’t compromise on the taste.

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