Everything About 'No Shave November'

The month of November is important for a reason: No Shave November. The tradition goes that guys grow out lumberjack-like beards throughout the month. Although no one reason or explanation exists for this tradition, most guys will tell you it’s nice to have an excuse to not shave for a month.

I have participated in this tradition throughout my undergraduate career, and it was always a joyful time of the semester when I didn’t have to worry about busting out the razor every few days.

In fact, I even think I was able to apply the extra time I saved by not shaving to homework. This was my annual tradition for four years until last year, when I became aware of a way to put my whiskers to good use other than looking like a lumberjack, and the event was called Movember.

Just take a look at the month of October, most widely known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The fundraising that goes toward it is exceptional and truly an amazing outreach.

I’d really like to see a more universal movement like the one for breast cancer awareness applied to Movember and men’s health awareness. I know the stereotype for men is that we don’t need help, but we really do, and this is a great way to do it.

So, what I’m asking is that all you college guys out there who are getting excited for the calendar to turn over to November so you don’t have to shave for a month to consider growing a moustache instead but you should be aware of the history behind it.

Now, I know it may not be the most flattering form of facial hair out there, but it is only for a month, and it’s for a good cause.


the goal of the campaign is to grow awareness by embracing our hair — something that many cancer patients lose — and letting it grow wild and free. The shaving money which you save should be donated to a worthy cause. 


The tradition had been there for years, but the children of Matthew Hill, who passed away from colon cancer back in November 2007, took it a step further by using the cause to raise money for charity. It was started in Australia back in 2003 by Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, who were having a beer and couldn’t understand why the mustache ever went out of style. Unlike No Shave November, Movember is a global initiative that has spread to 21 countries. 

That first year, the fundraiser raised $40,000. Since then, the movement has grown exponentially internationally. The growth the foundation has experienced was evident last year when 854,288 men in more than 15 countries registered to grow moustaches in honor of Movember. Last year, those men and their moustaches were able to raise $126.3 million, which was distributed to varying organizations who support men’s health, like the LIVESTRONG Foundation.


A slight difference does exist between Movember and No Shave November, though. If a person participates in Movember they can only grow a moustache that does not connect to the sideburns.No Shave November requires no shaving for the entire month and each man participating must conduct himself like a true gentleman.

Happy Movember!

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