Priyank Sharma brings up Arshi Khan’s past scandals making her cry

Ex Splitsvillain Priyank Sharma Entered The Bigg Boss House With A Bang!

Created Headlines

Priyank Sharma has barely made his entry inside the Bigg Boss house and it seems like hes all set to create headlines. 

From telling Bandgi that Puneesh has been lying to her about his marital status to openly talking about Arshi Khans past on the show,

Priyank has done more than enough to keep the audience entertained.

Priyank Disclosed Arshi's Past

Arshi got herself into a fight with Sapna who threatened her saying that she will expose her scandalous past to all.

Arshi immediately doubted that Priyank might have disclosed her past so she quickly confronted him. But, Priyank denied the whole affair.

The damage however, was already done because Priyank had used the terms 'Pune and 'Goa while talking to her which was more than enough for Arshi to feel dejected.

Pune Controversy

You might be wondering what exactly those terms mean. So, here's what it means..

Arshi Khan has been caught twice in a prostitution racket. The first time she was in Pune where her agent Vipul Dahal was arrested by the cops along with her.

There was some kind of conversation audio clips between the two which led the police to believe that something is cooking up.

Goa Controversy

The second time Arshi was arrested at a 5 star hotel in Goa for practicing prostitution. 

The website called enewzhub also said that Arshi managed to convince the police that she was not into any of this and quickly flew back home in Mumbai. 

Arshi's scandalous past has entertained us enough!

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