Changes are necessary after you get married. But there are some things that are not supposed to be changed or altered. Here are a few things which a woman should never change for her husband.

1. Identity / Surname

Despite the fact that customs direct that a woman needs to take up her better half’s surname, it’s not impolite to not do that. It’s just about preserving your identity. A woman doesn’t need to change her name (unless you are impressed with your hubby’s surname) just to be with her man and neither should her husband force her to do so.

2. Career Choice

We live in the 21st century and in the 21st century, a female is entitled to live her life on her own terms. Marriage should not mean the end of her career and if she knows she has a good future in her field, she should not give it up for her hubby.

3. Friend circle

Your friends are the rock of your life. They’ve always been by your side through thick and thin and are almost like your second family. Hence it makes zero sense for a woman to give up her friend circle for her husband. Never change your buddies for him!

4. Dreams and aspirations

our dreams and aspirations are the most important part of your life. It helps in making up your own personality. Like you, they are unique too. And you should never give up your uniqueness. Dream on and struggle to achieve what you want, and on no occasion should you give in to responsibilities and marital pressures.

5. Fashion choices

Be carefree and follow your fashion as you did before marriage. Don’t bother what others will think about your dressing choices. Maintain your taste and appreciate your fashion sense. Enjoy wearing what you are comfortable in.

6. Decision-making power

Every smart person likes to be independent and able to make his or her own decisions. A woman shouldn’t give that up after her marriage. She should take her decision independently and even her hubby should let her do it.

7. Caring for your parents/siblings

Some husbands do not like it if their wife visits or talks to her parents and siblings often. Every woman has the right to meet her family whenever she wishes to and can also help them financially if required. It is her parents and siblings she has spent the majority of her life with and it is impossible for her to just leave them on their own after her marriage.

8. Space and freedom

Most of the women give up their freedom and let their husband and his family to interfere. They have to seek their husband’s consent if they wish to go out or even buy some stuff. They don’t even get to enjoy some lone and leisure time, thanks to the multitude of responsibilities that come with marriage.


9. Social media presence

Keep posting those selfies on your Facebook and Instagram account. Nothing should ever stop you from being happy.

10. Your Hobbies

Do what makes you happy. Enjoy what you like. This can be reading books, cooking, painting, or anything that seems to interest you. Never let your talent go to waste. Under no circumstances should you let your hobbies and interests take a back seat.

11. Beliefs and Opinions

Your beliefs and opinions are your own and no one should have a problem with them. If someone tries to ridicule them, then you ought to put your foot down.

12. Relations

You should be in touch with all your relatives and never throw them out of your life, even after marriage. It is as important to maintain your current relationships as it is to enter into and nurture new relationships with husband’s family.

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