If you think that being part of the Royal Family was plain sailing then definitely give a second thought to it. They have got lots of money, have grand houses and pretty much get to do whatever they want but that doesn’t mean there’s no rules. But there are few things even Royal Family should consider while talking also.

Kate Fox, a social anthropologist, has studied the family and came up with a comprehensive list of the words/phrases the British royalty always refrains from using.

In addition, she has written a book called ‘Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour’ that reflects on the various attributes of the elites which determine the kind of words they never use.

According to her study, the royal family strictly refrains from using the following set of words:

1. Pardon

Although this sounds like the fancier option for asking someone to repeat themselves when you’ve missed something they’ve said, the author of Watching the English explains that its French origins make it non-royal friendly.

Instead, it would be expected to say, “Sorry,” “What,” or combine the two for “Sorry, what?”

2. Toilet

Again, the French origins of this word make it a no-no, so they say “loo” or “lavatory” instead. However, while Kate was still just dating William, there were rumors of her mother making the grave mistake of saying the banned word around the Queen.

3. Perfume

If Kate splashes herself with a fragrance, she refers to it as a “scent,” again likely due to the French origins of the term.

4. Tea

‘Tea’, it’s what the British Empire was ‘founded on’, but according to Kate Fox, one way to irk The Queen is by referring to “your evening meal as ‘Tea’”.

Apparently you don’t invite her for ‘tea’, that’ll get you’re invitation thrown in The Royal trash can, instead you invite  her for ‘dinner’ or ‘supper’.

5. Mum/Dad

The royal family apparently never loses affection for parents, always referring to them as “Mummy” and “Daddy” even well into adulthood.

6. Posh

If there’s one thing The Royal Family is, it’s posh. But you can’t say that word. It’s because they’re modest or they just want to be seen as a ‘normal family’, they’d just prefer you’d refer to them as ‘smart’.

7. Portions

Describing a serving of food as a ‘portion’ is apparently more commonly used among the lower and middle classes. Upmarket people apparently call it a ‘helping’, and so do the Royals.

8. Patio

Whenever the children of the Prince and Duchess want to go outside, they are taken outdoors by their busy parents to the ‘terrace’ and not a ‘patio’.

9. Living Room

Buckingham Palace is a sprawling estate with numerous rooms. However, none of those rooms is called a ‘lounge’ or a ‘den’. Even ‘living room’ is equally frowned upon.

The royal family always refers to these rooms as ‘drawing rooms’ or ‘sitting rooms’.

10. Sweet

If the Duchess was craving a confection after dinner, she would ask for “pudding” instead of a “sweet” or “dessert.”

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