How to identify whether the girl you’ve been dating for past few weeks is still a girl or a woman?

There are a few things that you need to observe very precisely when you’re hanging out with her that would allow you to see whether your lady is a girl or a woman.

She may be 20-something years old, but her actions say otherwise. Although it is alright to date an old soul because they’d give you awesome wisdom and insight on life, but dating a girl who lacks maturity is a total turn-off.

Here’s how you can correctly identify if your girl hasn’t yet grown up.

Women are always classy

Let it be at any party or function you will find women sitting with complete sophistication and yet, having a nice time. Girls will keep taking shots or drinking too much and might also behave inappropriately after getting drunk.

Women are less attracted social media

Women love to live their life and have time for themselves whereas girls love to post everything they do on social media.

Women are not addicted to reality television

Women will be more into reading books and gaining some experience while girls will love to watch the reality TV shows.

Women seek Respect while Girls seek Attention

If you’re at a party and your girl is being all loud and seeking attention, that will be a total downer. On the other hand, women know how to have fun and yet behave sophisticated and classy.

Women like to be in their Own Skin

Girls will re-do their makeup about 100 times during a party whereas, women will try to go for a more natural look and be comfortable in their own skin.

Women are independent

Women will not feel insecure or jealous when you want to hang out with your friends for one night. They understand that you deserve some me-time and they will take the opportunity to set-up a girl’s night out as well. Girls, on the other hand, will get clingy each time you want to go out with your buddies and tag along with you.

Women love trying new things

Due to their insecurities, girls will often not be willing to take up new things or try out new hobbies. Women are secure of their self-worth and they will be open to new adventures.

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