6 Yummy Dishes That Can Be Made Using Your Leftover Dinner

Are your mind and stomach constantly fuddling over what to do with that pasta or bread which you could not consume last night? 

What if we suggest you some amazing recipes that could be easily made from your last dinner extras..? After all, utilising waste isn't a bad choice!! In fact, dinner extras are quite life-savers.

Making some delicious recipes from the food leftover is what gives you an extra edge over those who waste huge quantity of food daily without even caring an ounce about sections of the society that are malnourished or those who struggle hard to earn two meals a day.

WittyFeed brings you ways to prove that leftovers are no waste. But they are great resources. 

Here, we suggest you some delicacies that can be prepared in the shortest time possible. Go through the list. Its about sprinkling magic on what you already have.

#1 Make yummy croutons from bread leftovers

Use those bread leftovers by simply coating the bread pieces in butter or cheese. Bake for 1-2 min at a medium temperature, season with some salt, herbs and spices. Bread croutons can be served hot with salads, beans or tomato soups. Enhance the taste of this delicacy by adding some spices.

#2 Rice left? How about fried rice!

Why spend long hours in the kitchen when you can get those last night rice fried by clubbing in some beans, cashew nuts and vegetables? A power food packed with fiber and proteins to give you tasty and healthy food in no time.

#3 Banana-lemon smoothie! Indeed a tasty idea

We all love bananas! Isn't it? Blend those left-out banana slices with oatmeal, nuts, yogurt & milk. You may also season it with your favourite ingredient like honey, cinnamon, almonds and serve it cool with crushed ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

#4 Believe me, fish tacos taste like heaven!

Get those lazy fish flakes working for yet another dish! Yum-yum fish tacos. Prepare the mixture of fish flakes with your favorite veggies, beans and cheese and put it over the well-grilled wheat tortillas. Season with lime juice, coriander and some sour cream. Being done with such a dish, I'm sure you don't need to go to the restaurant!

#5 Left-out vegetables make a great pickle!

What can be better than home-made pickle made from leftover vegetables? Simply chop the veggies, boil'em, add 2-3 drops of lemon juice, mustard seeds and jar the mixture. There's no better way to last those veggies longer than making them into a pickle! So, go make and taste them.

#6 Sluurrrrp that chicken soup!

Who says that last night chicken is of no good? If you think so, let me prove you wrong! That chicken, when mixed with curd, veggies, beans and crispy cheesy chips, will do wonders inside your mouth. Sip it, Slurp it or do that're gonna love it in every way!

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