1] The “we love each other but neither of us is going to admit it” relationship


You two  are perfect for each other. You two are so similar that anyone could tell you’re meant to be. and the worst part is since you are afraid to lose the other one as friend, you play it cool.

2] The relationship that we don’t tag as RELATIONSHIP

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You have been with this person, in ups and downs, and this person has always been with you. This person matters you the most. So even a IDOIT can tell that you too are in a relationship, but you don’t accept that you are in one.

3] The friend who you hook up with sometimes

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You might have been friends forever. You hang out together, you talk about anything and everything but not on the fact that you hook up too! And even if you are really close you fear of making things weird and choose not to talk on what happened on that night after you were high!

4] The strangers who hook up sometimes

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His/Her number is stored in your phone as “Hot Girl From This place,” as it never came to your to your mind to ask His/Her name. But this doesn’t stop you from exploring things with this person and since this person is a stranger you can be anyone with him/her.

5] The friends without benefits

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This person is the one who takes care of you when you are sick, bored and handles all your drama but does not have any benefits.

6] The one who has a girlfriend

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This person is in a serious relationship, serious enough that they have Dp’s with each other, their social media sparks about their love. but this doesn’t stop him from asking you out when his partner is out of town.

7] The one you’re hiding

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Either he is not so good looking, or he is not liked by your friends. But you still like to spend time with him.

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