Tampons, which have been around since the 1930s, are the most popular choice of feminine protection for women younger than 41 in other countries. But in India there are lot of misconceptions about tampons in women’s mind. Many of them think that tampons can take off their virginity.

There is already a hole in the hymen of teen girls to let menstrual blood flow through them; a tampon’s insertion won’t clear the whole thing away like a cobweb. So please girls think before believing on such myths and decide your tool accordingly.

Here are few things which will make think that tampons are better than sanitary napkin.

Small  Size

If you are the sort of person who feels uncomfortable at the thought of your menstrual cycle being made public, then a tampon is pretty easy: they’re generally so small that you can smuggle them to the bathroom with no problem. Even the applicator ones can be carried in your pocket.

Comfortable To Wear

Women have a tendency to find tampons more comfortable than wearing pads. With tampons, they are able to stay active, without worrying about it “falling” out of place.

Easy To Discard

Tampons are easier to throw away than pads as they can easily be tossed into the toilet. To throw out pads, you need to wrap them up in toilet paper and toss them in the trash.

No Wet Feeling

You may simply not like pulling down your underwear and being faced with the reality that your uterus is shedding it’s lining. A tampon is a good way to prevent that sensation.

No Smell

If you wear your pads for too long, you might start to notice a bit of a smell. When you wear tampons, that will never happen as long as you remove them after the right length of time.

You Can’t Feel Them

You can literally forget that your tampon is soaking up your flow for you. Plus, removing them is as easy as tugging on their little, cotton string. If a tampon is inserted properly (i.e. pretty deep into the vagina) it should be completely sensation-less, which means you can go about your day with one less reminder that you’re on your period.


There’s such a large variety of tampons to choose from, so you can find the right type for your body. If one makes you uncomfortable, then you can always try another brand.

Free To Swim

When you wear a tampon, you can go swimming.

It is also more comfort compared to wearing a pad, so you will be able to play sports a lot easier.

Wear Any-Kind-Of Underwear

If you’re wearing pads, you need to wear underwear that will cover enough of your body to stop potential leakage. If you wear a tampon, you can wear whatever underwear you’d like.

No Visibility

The possibility of a pad becoming visible will be a problem for you if you don’t want anyone else knowing about your menstrual business. When you wear a tampon, you will no longer have to worry about those lines.

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