Facts About Queen Padmavati

There are many articles and facts about Rani Padmawati of Chittorgarh. Here are a few of them:

  • Princess Padmini, also known as Padmavati. The beauty of the princess was famous throughout the Singhal Island. Padmavati was the daughter of King Gandharva and Champavati.

  • King Gandharva organized a grand self-propaganda for the marriage of his daughter; The Kings were called from far away. The dream to marry Padmavati was seen by almost all the kings at that time. All the famous kings participated in that Competition.
  • But King Ratan Sen of Chittor defeated all the king's there with their skill and won the competition (स्वयंवर). According to the rule of competition (स्वयंवर), the king who wins will be married to Padmavati, and thus Padmavati and Ratan Sen got married. At the same time, a cruel and merciless ruler of Delhi, whose name was Alauddin Khilji.

  • When the news of the wonderful beauty of queen Padmavati reached Alauddin Khilji, so he became crazy about her beauty. He ordered his army to attack Chittor immediately. Alauddin Khilji knew very well that there was no match for a Ratan Sen's army in front of such a huge and efficient army.

  • But he did not know that the structure of Chittor's fort was made in such a way that it is very difficult to enter the enemy. Even after Ratan Sen's army's count was low, defeating them was not easy.

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